Mastering the Techniques of Research Proposal Writing

A Well Written Research Proposal Increases the Chances of Approval

Writing research papers is an arduous and lengthy task. However, for students doing there undergraduate, masters or doctoral degrees this cannot be avoided. The years of research and essay writing practice done in high school and college will come to fruition with this task. However, the writing of the research papers is still a very daunting task for most students. Apart from the many hours of research work and writing work, they are also unable to grasp and understand the concept of empirical research, literature review, methodology design and the final writing of many chapters involved. Since research proposal will be the starting point of the research project, most students are completely unfamiliar with the concepts and requirements involved. Let us examine key sections, format and the importance of a well written proposal.

What is a Research Proposal?
A research proposal is an important part of writing a research paper. It will provide the necessary information to the dissertation committee, informing them that the research on the scientific or academic topic chosen is worthy of investigation. It will also demonstrate that the student is capable of carrying out the research. Information that is presented in the proposal should be well defined and 100% accurate. A well written proposal has more prospects of being approved than that of a poorly constructed one. A well constructed research proposal lays the foundation for a well constructed dissertation or thesis. This is because a number of key research project decisions are made at the proposal stage. These include the topic area, the research questions and objectives as well as the research methodology. Therefore, it is imperative for the students to know how to write a proposal and the proper format to be applied.

Research Proposal Format
When it comes to dissertation writing or research paper writing, certain rules are there which should be complied with. The same rules are applied to the proposal as well. The format of the proposal will consist of an abstract, an introduction, literature review, methodology, reflection on limitations, time plan and conclusion. Let us educate ourselves on what each of these sections entail.

• The Introduction – This section will inform the reader the significance of the research and its importance. The research question should be included and the validity and significance of this question being investigated must be clearly stated.

• The Methodology – This section of the research proposal describes a tentative research methodology to the reader. This will inform the readers whether qualitative research method or the quantitative research method will be utilized and the population, sampling and analysis techniques to be employed. At proposal stage the research methodology design will be tentative but it is linked to the research question and objectives of the study.

• Literature review – this will summarize and evaluate existing research and knowledge that is relevant to the field of study and create a theoretical framework within which the research question will be contextualized.

• Reflections – Usually this section reflect upon the limitations of the study, ethical aspects, methodology difficulties and practical difficulties that the researcher is bound to face. This section prompts the researcher to identify such issues at the outset and be prepared to manage them when they occur.

• Conclusion – This section will conclude with a summation of what is being proposed and seeking approval to proceed to next stage of the study.

Apart from these sections the inclusion of graphs and illustrations will add credibility to the research or dissertation proposal.

If your research proposal is approved a certain percentage of the final grade of the dissertation will be attached to this. Therefore, students should create a well thought out proposal and research their topic thoroughly in order to continue with the research paper.

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