Formatting as per MLA Thesis Requirements

Familiarity with MLA Thesis is a Must for Students following Courses in School of Humanities

Thesis writing is a time consuming task. There are many ways in which a thesis needs to be formatted. One of these is the MLA formatting style. As with essay writing, MLA thesis too requires students to strictly adhere to all the rules. Many students are not conversant with the writing of a thesis in any form. Therefore, to educate you, we have provided a basic summary on how to write your thesis according to this format.

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Differences of MLA and APA Style
MLA stands for Modern Language Association. Students who are doing any research in the humanities field as well as literature works are required to use this formatting style. The MLA style thesis is different from the APA thesis in many ways. For example, the MLA style paper will include a works cited page whereas the APA style paper will have the author date system. The MLA style thesis will concentrate more on easy reading while the APA will concentrate on how the paper is organized.

Understanding the MLA Format
The thesis presentation in MLA style will be as follows;
• Text size 12, font style Times Roman.
• All text should be aligned on the left.
• All headings should be centered.
• Standard A4 paper should be aligned on all sides with 1” margins.
• All text in this thesis should be double spaced.
• All text should be printed on one side of the paper only.
• Underlining is not recommended, however, it can be in italic when printing.
• All pages should be numbered in the upper right hand corner.
• Works cited page will be on a new one and should be numbered.
• It should also be alphabetized with the writer’s last name first. This will be followed by the writer’s first name, book title and publication information.
• Titles in the works cited page should be underlined or in quotations.

These are just some of the rules which should be adhered when writing the MLA thesis. There are many books, handbooks, manuals and other publications which you can go through in order to obtain a more thorough understanding of how to write your thesis in the MLA style.

MLA Thesis Writing Tips
As part of your dissertation writing assignment you will have to write a thesis in MLA format. As many students are not familiar with the concept of writing in the MLA format, they should go through a few thesis samples. Many of these can be found online and the companies that allow you to peruse them also provide you thesis writing tips. These writing tips will help you to further enhance your knowledge of writing your MLA thesis.

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