Making Use of Dissertation Template

Use a Dissertation Template for Guiding your Dissertation Writing

When writing a dissertation, most students are not sure of the correct structure to use and important sections within a dissertation report. This is when you should refer to a Dissertation template. Such templates are available online in websites facilitating students in their dissertation writing and research projects. While dissertation is a rigid guideline, it is not necessary to adhere to the same format on a strict basis. Slight adjustments are recommended as per the need of individual research. As the dissertation is a lengthy document of over 20,000 words usually, it is not possible to discuss all aspects of the dissertation within an outline. Below is a sample dissertation outline which can be used as a guideline for writing your own dissertation. While it can be adjusted for other purposed, this is intended for a MBA dissertation, addressing organizational behavior within cross cultural settings.

Dissertation Cover Page (Include Dissertation Title, Reserchers Name, Degree Program and University Details )

  • Table of Content
  • Dissertation Acknowledgement
  • Dissertation Abstract
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
    • Motivation for the study
    • Statement of the problem
    • Research question and objectives
  • Chapter 2 –Literature review example
    Detailed Review of relevant literature of the study variables and Issue being investigated.

    • National Culture
    • Cross Cultural Business
    • Influence of National Culture on Organisational Behavior
  • Chapter 3 – Methodology
    • Theoretical framework
    • Study variables
    • Research methodology
    • Research design theory
    • Proposed research design and justification
    • Population and research sample
    • Instrumentation
    • Data collection
    • Data analysis
    • Limitations
  • Chapter 4 – Findings and discussion
  • Chapter 5- Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices

While the above structure is a simple guideline some of the more comprehensive dissertation templates available online from dissertation help sources will provide more in-depth guidance on what goes in to each of the above mentioned sub sections. Such guidance can be used to direct your writing so that your dissertation will be in compliance with the standards of dissertation format and structuring applicable. Review a methodology example to get an idea of research methods you are to use.

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