Mastering the Techniques of Literature Review Writing

Literature review Writing is A Challenging but Essential Element of Dissertation Research

Literature review writing is a critical but challenging aspect of the dissertation studies. Most students would have written short literature reviews for their various essay writing assignments. However the amount of work involved in completing the literature review chapter in a dissertation project is very substantial. It is in fact the most lengthy of a five chapter dissertation report. Dissertation literature review focus on analyzing the concepts, theories and ideas proposed by other scholars on the dissertation subject. This chapter should be written with the main objective of identifying what knowledge is existing on the subject area of investigation and what are the knowledge gaps which the study aims to fulfill.

Steps in Writing a Literature Review
As this is a lengthy process it is advisable that students follow a proper process in writing the literature review chapter. Following are few steps suggested.

• Identify the main study constructs within the dissertation research you have chosen. These key variables will need separate sections within the literature review chapter.

• Research thoroughly from various scholarly sources. You can use libraries and online data bases of digital dissertations and journal articles. Every article or dissertation related to the study area should be saved in hard or soft copy formats. Make sure to save URL’s, and bibliography information along with the material.

• Separate and organise the material in to separate folders so that each variable is covered when it comes to the actual literature review writing.

• Read and underline sections relevant for your literature review writing task. Re read them if necessary.

• Identify a number of relevant definitions of the main constructs and variable.

• Identify the theories and models you will be applying in the dissertation writing process.

• Start writing the chapter with a proper outline and a clear plan of what you intend to establish with the use of scholarly literature you have accumulated from the secondary research task.

Special Points to Note
In addition to the above, the literature review should have proper referencing of cited material and quotes. Since this section is talking of what other scholars have presented to the field, there will be many scholars to be acknowledged. Do this as per the prescribed referencing system and make sure all information for full reference entry is available when you reach the compilation of the bibliography and reference list. It is always recommended that you refer to a well written dissertation literature review example for gaining an understanding of how the references and in text citations are made.

Literature review writing is not a task which is easy and can be completed within few days. It can take up to many months. Being organized, committed and attentive is the key to achieving success in this task. If you find yourself unable to allocate the required time for writing a good dissertation literature review, you may seek help with the task. Coursework-writing is a professional writing assistance company which offers various academic help from dissertation to essay or coursework help. You too can benefit from enlisting their professional help and ensuring your literature review chapter is up to mark and adding value to the entire dissertation report.