Learning How to Write Dissertation Proposal

Knowing How to Write Dissertation Proposal Will Improve the Chances of It Being Approved

Students undertaking the task of writing dissertations understand the need for well written, soundly researched and properly argued and defended dissertation. Writing a dissertation is not the same as essay writing or coursework writing. This is a more complex task which calls for in-depth knowledge not only in the subject topic but also in social research methodologies. Dissertation writing requires intensive secondary research as well as primary research and formal and structured writing. However, before proceeding with the task of writing the dissertation students have to submit the dissertation proposal. Let us educate ourselves on how to write dissertation proposal.

What is a dissertation proposal?
A dissertation proposal is a document which is submitted by the student to the Dissertation Committee of the respective university. This document will be written in order to gain approval of the commitee. Therefore, the dissertation proposal should be brief, yet informative enough to provide the committee with adequate information in order to obtain their consent. When a proposal is submitted, the professors or tutors in the panel will advice the students on their ideas and offer valid suggestions which will enable the students begin their dissertation research effectively.

Structure of a Dissertation Proposal?
The standard structure of a dissertation proposal will be a title page, contents page, an abstract, introduction, body, conclusion and a bibliography. The body consists of literature review, methodology and reflections section as well as a time plan. Although concise, the proposal must clearly outline the research objectives, the dissertation question and relevance of the study which will be the main considerations in evaluating the merit of a proposed dissertation study. Learning how to write a dissertation proposal will therefore be crucial aspect of learning how to write a dissertation.

How to write a dissertation proposal
In order to convince the committee let us educate ourselves on how to write a proposal which is convincing.

• Selecting a good topic and a reflective dissertation title is very important. It is important to ask yourself if the dissertation topic is valid and deep enough for you to conduct research and investigate it with a fully fledged research study. The title page is the primary section of your dissertation. This is a very important part of the dissertation proposal. With a title that is informative and reflective of the chosen study question, the committee will be able to immediately grasp what the research intends to undertake

• The literature review section of the proposal should indicate that the students are familiar with the topic area and the theoretical framework in existence on the subject matter.

• The introduction of the proposal will explain what the dissertation objectives are and what the study question or hypothesis identified to be empirically researched. It will also discuss the relevance of the study to the field of study.

• The methodology sections of the proposal will inform the committee as to the type of research which will be carried out. They will have to inform the committee if the research methodology will be quantitative or qualitative and what type of analysis is being intended.

• The proposal should have a timeline, which will inform the committee as to how long each section of research will take to complete. Progress review meetings have to be built in to the time plan once it has been approved.

• In order to add credibility to the proposal it is encouraged that students include figures of explanation and tables and cite all literature mentioned in the proposal.

If the proper methods are followed and students understand how to write dissertation proposal they will stand a fair chance of obtaining approval for their dissertation proposal. However, if you still feel that the stakes are too high for you to write your own proposal, enlist professional dissertation help. If you require any dissertation related writing or any other academic writing such as coursework help, coursework-writing.co.uk is a professional writing company which you can trust. They will assist you from topic selection to entire writing of dissertations and the outcome would not let you down.