How to Write Introduction of Undergraduate Dissertation

Tips on How to Write Introduction of Undergraduate Dissertation

Undergraduate dissertation is the first serious piece of academic work in life of every student. Remember that if you have come to the point of writing a dissertation it means that you are already proficient in essay writing. Of course, you could not have a possibility to create an outstanding undergraduate dissertation without any help. Let us imagine the situation where you have already chosen interesting and challenging topic and done all necessary preparations such as research and hypothesis. Now you have to write your dissertation in a logical manner, presentable and clear. How to write introduction of undergraduate dissertation? This question is very important because introduction appears to be one of the most important parts of the research work.

The importance of undergraduate dissertation introduction

First and foremost you should collect all necessary information concerning the research issue. Assure yourself that you have chosen appropriate data out of reliable sources.

  • Take into consideration the fact that the impression of the whole piece of work depends on introduction. Well-written introduction is able to save the day. Dull introduction can spoil good dissertation.
  • Here you have an opportunity to capture the attention of your audience. By good luck, the introduction section is much easy to other sections like methodology or thesis.
  • Your introduction should fulfill its purpose of providing the necessary information for your audience.

Undergraduate dissertation introduction writing tips

You should start the introduction with stating the problem.

  • It is appropriate to give explanations concerning the chosen topic. This section should answer the question of importance of the research issue.
  • It is germane to use subheadings when writing the introduction. In this case your audience would be able to cope with the information of the introduction.
  • If you face some problems on how to write introduction of undergraduate dissertation it is advisable to use introduction examples. In order to simplify your work you have a possibility to use introduction templates.
  • Choose appropriate style for your dissertation and stick to it. Mind that every format has its own peculiarities and limitations. It is advisable to use one of the most common styles like APA, MLA or Chicago.
  • Remember that presentation and writing is as important as finishing the research project itself.

We know how to write undergraduate dissertation introductions

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