Tips on How to Write a Thesis

Knowing How to Write a Thesis is Crucial for University Students

A thesis is written to fulfil certain requirements of an academic degree. The student will select a topic, conduct independent research on the topic and write the thesis. A thesis, unlike an essay is a lengthy document. There are many sections which have to be completed for a successful thesis. It also has to be formatted according to certain guidelines. If you thought the essay writing you did in high school was difficult, you will find thesis writing quite a tough task. In order to make matters achievable for students, we have provided you with information on how to write a thesis.

Structure of the Thesis
The standard structure of a thesis will include the title page, the thesis abstract, acknowledgement section, table of contents, introduction, methodology, literature review, Analysis and discussion, conclusion and references. Different academic institutions have different requirements when it comes to formatting. Therefore, students are advised to refer to the dissertation writing guide of their academic institution before beginning writing the thesis.

Writing the Thesis
Writing the thesis requires time and dedication. If students apply themselves they will be able to do an excellent job. Provided below are the basic instructions on how to write a thesis. Keep in mind that writing the thesis should begin only once thorough research has been conducted on the topic selected.

• Begin at the title page as it is the first. The title page should consist of the title of the thesis, author’s name, name of the academic institution, date of submission of the thesis, and the name of the professor.

• Next is the abstract. This is a summary of no more than 350 on the entire thesis. This is written after the full thesis is completed.

• The table of contents should include page numbers of all main sections aligned to section titles.

• The thesis introduction will introduce the thesis topic, its relevance, scope and the thesis hypothesis or questions will be included.

• The literature review section will provide details of secondary research reviewed by the writer on work of other researcher’s regarding the topic. This sets the framework within which the new thesis study will take place.

• The methodology provides details of the research design, the population, the sampling strategy etc. in conducting the research study.

• The results section will provide the reader with an understanding of the results of the analysis of data obtained through research.

• The conclusion will restate the findings and the implications of findings as well as reflect upon the entire project. This chapter will provide closure to the thesis.

Help with the Thesis
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