History Dissertation Needs Extensive Research

History Dissertation Must Decide on Its Research Methodology and Topic Area at Proposal Stage

Writing your History Dissertation is one of the most challenging tasks which you will undertake in order to complete your degree program. Depending on whether you are in a Bachelors level study or a PhD program, the complexity and the depth of study will vary. You will need to follow some basic rules and guidelines from the initiation to the completion of your dissertation.

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  • Getting Your Proposal Approved

First of all, you need to present a dissertation proposal and get the approval of the dissertation committee. This proposal should contain an outline of the problem or the dissertation topic which will be covered. The success of your dissertation will depend largely on the topic you choose. It has to be an interesting one as well as a one which allows you to contribute new knowledge to the field of your study.

  • Suitable Methodology

You should also decide on the dissertation methodology that will be applied in to your study. You may choose observation methods, case study methods, secondary research methods etc. in carrying out history dissertations. These methodologies are somewhat different from what you may use in other fields of studies. For instance, you may include field surveys, qualitative research and focus groups as methodology in your marketing dissertation.

  • Dissertation Title

As with writing a good essay, a dissertation too will benefit from a good dissertation title. Make sure that the title reflects your study intentions well and keep it a tentative one until you complete the project where you can aptly revise it if necessary.

  • Research Methods

This type of dissertation is mainly based on secondary research. When trying to locate information, it is recommended that you locate your primary sources in libraries in the special section. As there will be a large volume of information which will have to be absorbed by you, it is important for you to take notes, as this will help you to refer to anything you might need in future.

  • Presentation Format

You will need to have a number of standard chapters in your dissertation. These include the Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Discussion and Conclusion. A Dissertation presentation will specify the need for a title page, an abstract, the table of content, dissertation acknowledgement, the body of the report, the bibliography and appendices. Your knowledge on formatting and writing a dissertation can be increase by referring to How to write dissertation post as well.

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