Getting Your Dissertation Project off the Ground

Dissertation Projects Need Careful Planning and Adherence to Proper Process

Research or a dissertation project is an essential component of a Degree program and therefore, students who are following Masters or PhD level studies will need to be fully aware of how to write a dissertation. Here are few tips that can help you get your dissertation off the ground successfully and complete it successfully.

 Work to a Plan
A dissertation is complex and challenging task. It requires a lot of effort, time and commitment. Therefore, you will need to work according to a plan if you are to successfully complete this project. A comprehensive dissertation at Masters Level takes over 6 months to complete and a PhD dissertation is conducted usually over a period of one year. The plan should start with the dissertation proposal and then end with a dissertation submission. There should also be some time allocated for contingencies and ample time for the actual research component should also be set aside.

 Follow Proper Process
Dissertation writing should be done according to certain process. It is not something you can do in ad-hoc manner. Before you even draw up the proposal, the following points need to be fully considered. This is because once your proposal for the study is approved; it should be expanded upon and not changed comprehensively while you are conducting the actual study.

1. Decide upon the field of study based on your degree program, study aptitude and area of interest. Your future career goals should also be considered when deciding on the appropriate field of study.

2. Decide on a number of dissertation topics. Brainstorm and then do an initial research to establish the availability of information, previous literature and the accessibility to study subjects. Select your topic after consultation with the supervisor or a tutor that has expertise in the subject area which you have chosen. They may alert you to difficulties you may face with some of the dissertation ideas that sounded promising to you.

3. Once you have a topic selected, come up with a tentative dissertation title and develop your dissertation proposal. You should include an introduction to your research study, the research objectives, a brief literature review and a methodology section in your proposal. You may also include a reflection section in which you identify any limitations and issues which you may face during the conducting of research.

4. Once you receive the proposal approval, you are ready to proceed. You will need to develop a dissertation outline and then work on each chapter starting form the introduction chapter.

5. When you are doing dissertation research, make sure all relevant articles and excerpts from texts are copies in soft or hard form and that their reference details are noted down.

6. Make sure you develop a robust dissertation methodology to ensure the success of your dissertation project.

By following the above process, you are likely to realize that dissertation writing is not an impossible task although a challenging one. If you still find you need some help with your dissertation project, contact Coursework-writing for information on their services.