Evaluating the Viability of Dissertation Ideas

Your Dissertation Ideas Should be Both Interesting and Viable

When students reach the stage of writing their dissertations for the Degree programs, most of them are short of effective and interesting dissertation ideas. This is one of the main reasons the dissertation project does not take off on time and students find themselves rushing against submission deadlines at later stages. This is why students who have a better idea on how to write dissertation would know the importance of brainstorming on ideas for their dissertation well ahead of time, even before they reach the last stage of their degree studies. Here are few tips on how to select a good dissertation idea:

 Scope and Field
While some ideas can be interesting, when you try to place it in context and establish the scope of the research, you will realize that it is either too broad or too narrow. Finding a dissertation topic area that is of right scope is extremely important to write a successful dissertation. You also need to narrow down the field of study when you consider ideas for the dissertation study. The appropriate field of study should be something that you like and have a good knowledge of.

 Conceptual Viability
Your ideas need to be evaluated on their conceptual viability. While some ideas may sound as ideal for dissertations, it may not have a valid conceptual relationship. Your research study has to have a strong conceptual framework and if your idea can not be placed in such a strong framework, then it is likely that the idea is unsuitable.

 Methodology
Dissertation methodology is one of the key aspects contributing to the success or failure of an empirical study. Therefore you need to consider this aspect at the very outset when you select a good idea for the study. Some ideas are suitable for qualitative research while others are suitable for quantitative ones. Some may have merit for multi method research. The validity and reliability of your dissertation depends on the robustness of your methodology so you need to essentially take this issue to notice. Chemistry coursework will necessitate your conducting a research

 Interest Factor
When you select an idea for a study, make sure it is something that you feel interested in. If you are passionate of the idea then it is very easy to get involved in the process. At the same time, it should also be interesting to the audience at large and contribute interesting findings to the stake holders of your research such as the industry or the field of academia which you are planning to research upon. Don’t forget to come up with an interesting dissertation title that can convey your research concept at the first glance to the reader. If you have decided to buy coursework, order one at our writing company

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