Dissertation Timeline Should Be Followed to the Letter

Following Proper Time Table Can Ensure Achievement of Dissertation Timeline

Dissertation writing is very different from essay writing, although the many essays written, gives the expertise and skills to write this form of academic papers. With the writing of essays, students simply had to select a topic, conduct adequate secondary research on the topic and follow the proper structure to write an essay. There are few different steps which have to be followed with the writing of a dissertation. Primary difference lies in the need for conducting a research investigation on primary basis and secondly, the dissertation involves over 15,000 words. The dissertation has to progress from proposal stage to its completion with a sequential order and students must adhere to a time schedule in achieving this. This time plan is called the dissertation timeline.

What is a Dissertation Timeline?
A dissertation should not be thought of one large entity. It should have different parts which make a larger whole. The timeline will ensure that each of these sections is completed at a given time. For the successful completion of a dissertation, there has to be a timeline. Students cannot deviate from this timeline as they will lose marks or obtain an “Incomplete” if work is not submitted by the due date. Students progress is measured through progress review meetings which marks each section’s completion. If students are late in completing one section of the dissertation it can be guaranteed that if they do not work extra hard, the rest of the sections will be late as well. The timeline of the dissertation is released by universities prior to the dissertation project. Therefore, students are able to build their own timeline according to the universities’ schedule. Building some contingency times in to each phase makes sure that any difficulties are surmounted while not affecting target dates of subsequent sections.

Building a Timeline
How the dissertation timeline is built will depend on the time taken to conduct research, the time taken to write the drafts and get it approved. Keep in mind that the draft has to be read by all five members of the Dissertation Committee individually. Therefore, when allocating time this should be foremost in mind. Likewise, students should allocate time for delays and unavoidable circumstances when setting a timeline for their dissertations. You have no control over these unavoidable circumstances; therefore, there will be no need for worry. If the timeline is followed to the letter, and with the right attitude you will find that dissertation writing can be an enjoyable task.

Who Can Help Set a Timeline?
Students often need assistance with the setting up of the timeline. Your advisor is the best person to offer you dissertation support. With his assistance you will be able to set up your timeline with ease. However, most students will not be able to abide by the timeline due to unforeseen circumstances. In these instances it is always a good idea to have someone accountable who will ensure that you follow the correct path. The students should ensure that they meet with these people at least once a month.

There are many deadlines when it comes to your dissertation. Some of these include submission of the proposal deadlines, research deadlines, payment deadlines, defence deadlines, etc. Therefore, it is vital that students build a sound deadline and adhere to the dissertation timeline religiously.

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