How to get the Dissertation Structure Right

A Sound Dissertation Structure Adds Value to Your Dissertation

When entrusted with the task of dissertation writing, most students might think that writing a dissertation is similar to essay writing. This however, is not so. Writing a dissertation is a challenging task. There are many more elements to writing a successful dissertation. There is research to conduct, sources to cite, a format to follow and proper writing style to adhere to. One other consideration when writing the dissertation is the dissertation structure.

What is the Structure of a Dissertation?
In order to make sure your dissertation passing the scrutiny of the dissertation committee, you need good content as well as a solid structure in your dissertation. Following are the most common sections of a thesis or dissertation writing.
The Title Page
The title page includes the student’s name, department of study, degree level, dissertation title and date of submission.

The Abstract
The abstract informs the reader about the dissertation. Although it does not go into detail on what the paper is about, it should provide a concise but comprehensive overview of the study. Its length usually is between 275 – 500 words.

Contents Page
The contents page gives a list of the pages of the different sections of the dissertation.

The Introduction
The dissertation introduction, similar to an essay introduction, will inform the reader what the dissertation is regarding. It will provide a brief outline of what you are proposing, the relevance of the study, the intended outcomes as well as how you will conduct the study. The thesis statement should be included in the introduction.

Literature Review
Another key part of dissertation structure is a literature review chapter. This section establishes the theoretical framework to the dissertation by informing the reader about other scholar’s findings on the study area. It also adds credibility and validity of research topic and whether it needs further investigations.

The dissertation methods chapter of the dissertation provides the reader information on the methodology applied and will give justifications as to why these methods were chosen.

Findings and Discussions
This section will discuss the findings of the research study in relations to dissertation objectives and dissertation questions.

This is the end of the dissertation and will summarize the entire paper as well as provide suggestions for future directions of research.

Reference List and Bibliography
These two sections will list on the sources used to conduct research on the dissertation. This must be formatted as per the specified formatting system as APA or Harvard for example.

Additional information such as maps, charts and diagrams should be included in this section.

A sound dissertation structure will make your dissertation more presentable and easier to read. Therefore, before writing the dissertation, students should go through some structural examples or a dissertation template to familiarize themselves with the writing process.

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