Dissertation Research Methods Should be Compatible with Research Objectives

Choosing Correct Dissertation Research Methods is Essential for Dissertation Validity

Students doing any type of degree, whether it is an undergraduate or doctoral, will have to submit a dissertation towards the latter stages of their academic career. This dissertation, if written well, will fulfill the final requirement needed to be being conferred the degree. Writing a dissertation is a challenging task which most students find difficult and time consuming. As a result these students turn to the many online dissertation and essay help services. Much researching in terms of primary and secondary form is required to write a dissertation. For those who wish to try and write their dissertations on their own, let us help by educating you on the many dissertation research methods which are available to you.

Types of Research Methods
Different dissertation topics and fields of studies will call for different research methods. The methodology you choose should be compatible with your dissertation objectives. The dissertation research methods will differ as per dissertation research questions as well. If your dissertation is related to any scientific topic you will conduct experiments as your research method. If it is related to the opinions of the public you will conduct surveys which will be another research method. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that the topic of your dissertation and nature of questions being investigated are primary influencers of the type of research method. By referring to a well written dissertation-methodology example, students can gain a good insight in to different methods of research applied and how these choices are justified. Below are a few research methods which can be utilized by students according to their project;

• Experimental Dissertation Research – this type of research is done when doing any scientific topics. Students will try to find solutions to their problems by conducting tests.
• Statistical Analysis Research – Students will collect the data, analyze it to establish causal relationships between two or more study variables.
• Action Dissertation Research – Improvement of the strategies in order to find a solution for the dissertation question.
• Observation Research Method – Students will observe the actions and reactions of people and try to solve the issues.

Qualitative or Quantitative Research Methods
Dissertation methodology chapter has to include the research design which outlines the type of research being done and why this choice is justified. The dissertation research methods can be categorized into two primary categories. These are the qualitative and quantitative research methods.

• Qualitative Research Method – this is the process of finding out in-depth explanations and understandings of human attitudes, ideas and behaviours. It can be done through questioning or observation. When conducting qualitative research the students should ensure that they are objective and not biased.

• Quantitative Research Method – this type of research methods are common in organizational behaviour, psychology and various other management science fields. It involves data gathering through a structured questionnaire and analyzing these uniform data to establish relationships and links between the studies variables. This type of research method is designed to ensure objectivity, reliability and allows for generalizability to a wider population.

Quality dissertation writing is important to ensure that the true caliber of the dissertation project is conveyed to the world. If you wish to complete your dissertation successfully, your dissertation research methods should be carried out meticulously.

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