Dissertation Research Issues

Design Your Dissertation Research Component after Careful Consideration

A dissertation or a research study is based on empirical research in which you carry out a comprehensive and in-depth investigation of a certain subject matter. The investigation may include researching in to secondary data, primary data or a combination of both. Dissertation research calls for a high aptitude in the subject of research and need to be applied in to designing the study investigation.

Dissertation Research Design
The research aspect of the dissertation study will be highlighted in the dissertation methodology. This is written as a separate chapter and provides details of the research methodology being applied in the dissertation. It will also provide reasons and justifications as to why a particular type of research is chosen instead of another. An example is when a dissertation opts for a qualitative design in conducting the research for the dissertation, this decision has to be justified. The research methods such as surveys, interview, observations, experiments etc will also need to be discussed and the choices made for the dissertation should be explained.

Research Alternatives
Research for a dissertation can be done either in a qualitative or quantitative manner. The decision is influenced greatly by the study objectives. If the study aim is to gain insightful and in-depth understanding of certain social behaviors, attitudes, values, feelings etc, of people, then the most recommended is to use qualitative form of research. On the other hand, if the intention is to prove a causal relationship between two variables or measure the influence level then quantitative research methods are appropriate.

Issues Influencing Research Decision
Designing the research methodology of the dissertation must take in to consideration a host of issues. If these are not considered at the very outset, then the researcher is likely to face obstacles as the study progress in to the practical investigation stage. Therefore these issues should be considered at the dissertation proposal stage itself to ensure that the study objectives, the research topic as well as the methodology proposed are in tandem and appropriate. If the dissertation committee approves your proposal without requesting for a change in research methodology, then your chosen method is appropriate and viable. Following are some of the issues which needs to be considered

Topic and Subject Area – Can the proposed research methods be applied in to the particular subject area. For example, if you are writing a psychology dissertation and the study pertains to children or patients, then you can not plan a questionnaire survey. You will need to decide upon observation methods and relying on secondary data such as patient records etc.

Dissertation Objectives – can the research method facilitate the achievement of the objectives?

Can the research methods be applied freely to the target population? Some respondents many not be accessible for qualitative interview or focus group type research although willing to take part in anonymous web surveys.

Is it feasible – this is another major concern which the researcher should address when considering the dissertation research aspects. If the dissertation opts for a quantitative study, then a large number of respondents should be included in the study to establish the validity and reliability of the findings. Therefore, before opting for such a method, the resources at disposal should be considered. The available time frame to complete the study is another concern when you assess the feasibility of the research methods for the dissertation.

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