Dissertation Research is Critical to the Dissertation Writing Process

A Sound Dissertation Research Plan Will Produce an Impressive Dissertation

When doing a graduate, undergraduate or doctoral degree students have to submit dissertations. Dissertations are documents which are independently researched and written by students on certain area of study. Dissertation writing can incorporate various elements of essay writing as critical analysis, synthesis and process discussions. As with essays, dissertations also require planning and research and applying proper writing techniques. However, there are many other elements to writing a dissertation. There are the many sections of the dissertation, the conducting of research and the pre preparation such as writing the dissertation proposal etc. Following is an overview of dissertation research.

Why Research?
All dissertations require students to conduct thorough and extensive research. The main objective is to add new and insightful knowledge to the field of study which the student is engaged in. This is your contribution as a scholar to the field of study you are pursuing. Think of the theoretical frameworks you are studying today. Those have been the results of such scholarly investigations by previous researchers. You too must endeavour to present something worthwhile in terms of knowledge to the world. By identifying and exploring through scientific research investigations answers to a certain dissertation question can be unearthed.

What is Research?
Researching is to discover things. It can be explorative to discover new ideas, concepts or theories. Otherwise it can be confirmative to check and validate hypotheses. By conducting research students will be able to find out relationships between variables, quantify the strength of them, unearth insightful findings etc,. All the enquiring and exploring will lead to establishing the correct facts about certain theories. Through proper preliminary research techniques students will be able to expand their knowledge of these theories as well as identify novel and interesting dissertation ideas.

How to Conduct Research?
There are many factors which need to be considered when carrying out dissertation research. Below are few steps in which will make it easier for you to conduct your research.
• How you conduct the research is based on what type of dissertation you will write and what the topic of the dissertation is. Once the topic is understood students will be able to decide upon appropriate research methods which best fits the dissertation writing process.
• Before conducting the necessary research, it is best for students to build up a dissertation timeline which will enable them to conduct their research according to a specific time plan. As there is a deadline in the submission of the dissertation, students need to conduct research during the time allotted.
• Collect as many sources as possible. Find out what other experts have discussed or stated about the topic selected. This helps you write a substantial dissertation literature review. This can be done through the use of journals, books, or online resources.
• Be prepared ahead of time with the challenges of primary research and executing the dissertation methodology. Interviews, surveys and other field research encounter practical issues which few students anticipate ahead of time. Being prepared saves time as well as makes you handle contingencies and challenges head long without succumbing to them.
• Finally, be organized. Keep notes and take photocopies of all research material. Do not jot things down on pieces of paper. Have a separate folder or book to keep important research material. Collect all reference material properly or you will have great difficulty in compiling the bibliography section properly.

Your dissertation is one of the most important pieces of writing you will ever do. Therefore, it is important that you execute a well written dissertation. Conducting proper dissertation research will bring you that much closer to attaining the degree.

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