Writing a Reliable Dissertation Method Chapter

Dissertation Methods Chapter – Establish the Reliability of the Research Methods

What is a dissertation method chapter? In fact, the basic purpose of this dissertation part is to facilitate the audience with the detailed report on how the research was done.

Writing a dissertation requires a lot of time and effort and deep knowledge of the subject. There are a lot of separate chapters in the dissertation and methodology part is one of them.

Essential points of dissertation methods chapters

Here you have a possibility to map out the methods that were used during the research process. This section is vital for your audience because here they can pick out necessary information on how the research was done.

This section is often underestimated despite the fact that it depicts the scientific in-depth of your dissertation.

  • First and foremost, here you should state the methods you have used for data gathering. You can select appropriate methods, such as surveying, data mining, interviewing or experimenting. Also it is in order to provide an explanation of the methods you have used to pick the necessary data. In addition you may also give feasibility for choosing this method of data collection.
  • Take into consideration the fact that methodology should contain an introductory paragraph. Here you are to mention the issue of your dissertation. But you should not give detailed description of it.
  • The next point of methodology is data analysis stage. You can choose Analysis of variance, Descriptive statistics, Hypothesis testing or Confidence interval for instance. Get acquainted with available data analysis methods and choose the most solid and appropriate to your dissertation research. It is essential to choose convenient statistical tools for the research. Thus you will be able to add scientific solemnity to the dissertation. You do not have to add the calculations to this chapter. Dissertation method chapter serves as evidence that the calculations were made.

Dissertation method chapter writing tips

  • Make an outline for this chapter. In this case it will be much easier to write this piece of dissertation. You may use the methodology outline template in order to simplify your work.
  • Your audience should follow your research step be step and in this case methodology would come in handy. Mention all the stages of the research process in simple and logical way.
  • Here you have an opportunity to demonstrate that you have taken multiple variables into consideration and that results of the research are precision.
  • The quality of methodology writing can affect the reliability of the dissertation. You may use several methodology examples in order to understand the way of methodology writing.
  • Check all the results in order to avoid mistakes. This is especially important in quantitative studies. Thus you can prove that your findings are solid and reliable.

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