Writing an Impressive Dissertation Literature Review

Dissertation Literature Review – Challenging Yet an Important Section

Writing a dissertation is a difficult task. When students are assigned to write their dissertations most of them will resort to and essay writing service. These services provide a host of academic writing services including dissertation writing. However, simply obtaining help will not educate the students on how to write a dissertation. Although experts can help students with their dissertations, students should be made themselves aware of how each section of the dissertation is written and its purpose. It is said that out of all the sections of the dissertation, the literature review section is the toughest to write. Let us find out why and how dissertation literature review is such a difficult task.

What is a Literature Review?
Dissertation writing is done on a specific field of study. One of the sections which make up the many dissertation chapters is the literature review. The purpose of the literature review is to provide an account of what experts such as researchers and scholars have published on this area of study. This establishes a framework of theories and concepts on the subject matter which is already in existence. By reviewing the existing literature on the topic area, the author is expected to validate the chosen research question on one hand. Secondly the review helps establish the gaps in knowledge which is not yet filled by other empirical research already conducted. This enables the student to provide the research rationale that his dissertation ideas require further research in this field of study.

A dissertation literature review should have the following components when formulating.

• The problem – writing the literature review section of the dissertation allows the students to examine the chosen research hypothesis or dissertation question.

• Material – students should provide relevant scholarly material on the subject from valid and reputable sources.

• Synthesis – The writing of this section should combine the existing literature with the intended study questions and be written with much synthesis and linkages.

Main Requirements of the Literature Review

A well formulated literature review chapter of a dissertation paper should meet the following requirements.

• Address the dissertation questions.
• Be very comprehensive and current
• Be well organized and coherently written.
• Identify the knowledge gaps in existing literature
• Discuss similarities and differences in views and theories proposed by various scholars.
• Come up with questions which are relevant to further research in the field of study.
• All above should be combined in to an organized whole.

Purpose of the Literature Review
The literature review of the dissertation is an important section. It helps the student to identify the areas of knowledge gaps which the study will be filling up and to validate the usefulness of the study. It is the student’s opportunity to justify the dissertation research project in view of what has already been done and what is missing. This allows reiterating the importance of the students’ research contribution to this field of study.

The dissertation literature review has to portray all the abovementioned elements. All these elements combined with the proper writing and formatting requirements will ensure that students’ literature reviews are written correctly.

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