Dissertation Introduction Should Impressive

Writing a Dissertation Introduction that Compel the Reader to Read On

The undertaking of dissertation writing is a long and tiresome process. It requires effort, dedication, time and skill. Students undertaking any kind of undergraduate or postgraduate degree have to write dissertations toward the latter part of their degrees. The many types of writing skills as analysis, review, arguing and synthesis gained through essay writing done in high school and college becomes useful when writing dissertations. However, dissertation writing is far more complex than an extended essay paper. There is a need to uncover a research question worthy of investigating and use multi faceted skills in researching methodology, review, analysis and synthesis writing. There are many chapters within a dissertation ranging from the introduction, methodology, literature review, results, discussion and conclusion. We will address the importance of dissertation introduction for the benefit of those entering the first phase of dissertation writing.

What is a Dissertation Introduction?
When writing a dissertation it is easier if students write each section of the dissertation separately. Some sections of the dissertation will be more challenging than others. The introduction is one of the easier sections of dissertation writing. And completing it will set the course for the entire project. The definition of an introduction is to introduce. The introduction chapter will inform the reader about the entire dissertation project. As with other types of writing, the introduction should be clear and concise to gain the attention of the reader. The dissertation questions, the significance of the study, the study background and the hypothesis are all part of the introduction.

How to Write Dissertation Introduction
If the dissertation is to be received with applause, your introduction should be written properly. As the introduction is the first glimpse to the reader, it is important to write an effective and impressive introduction. Below are few steps which you can take when writing your introduction.

• It should inform the reader the main problem and why you have decided to conduct studies on this topic. The introduction is similar to what you will write in your dissertation proposal, which informs the reader as to why conducting research on this field of study is important and how your contribution to it will help the field of study.

• The introduction should explain to the reader why you believe that the selected dissertation questions are important to be investigated empirically and what significant and novel knowledge is expected to be contributed through the study.

• Provide a brief overview of the study and in what context your study will be conducted. Briefly discuss the population of the study and the field in which it will be conducted.

• Use your dissertation introduction to provide a brief description of the other chapters which make up the complete dissertation.

It should be kept in mind that apart from informing the reader what the main problem is and why studies are conducted on it, all else should be BRIEF. Do not go into details. This can be done later in the chapters of the dissertation.

Importance of the Dissertation Introduction
The introduction of your dissertation is important as it is the first segment of your dissertation which the reader will encounter. The manner in which your introduction is written will compel the reader to continue reading. Of course the other sections of your dissertation are important. However, in order to progress further and read these sections your introduction should be excellent. Therefore, the importance of the dissertation introduction cannot be underestimated.

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