Adherence to Specified Dissertation Format is Critical

Use the Proper Dissertation Format in Dissertation Writing

When it comes to dissertation writing, you need to adhere to a proper format similar to what you do in essay writing. However, the dissertation format is much more complex than a simple essay. A dissertation is a lengthy academic document which has to comply with a series of rules and standards in formatting and structuring its content. It is submitted at the end of a student’s graduate or doctoral studies in order to fulfill the final requirement of the degree program. There are many requirements when it comes to writing a good dissertation. Formatting is one of them. Let us take an in depth look at how to format your dissertation properly.

Importance of the Correct Format
Dissertation formatting concerns both the layout of the dissertation as well as the citation styles. How the dissertation is formatted is an important aspect of dissertation writing. If the dissertation is formatted incorrectly it can be rejected by the dissertation committee and as a result the student might not be able to obtain the degree. Your dissertation should be formatted according to the requirements set forth by the academic organization. If there are no requirements specified, students should select the correct format usually applied for the particular field of study. Therefore, the students should be knowledgeable with the different types of formatting.

Layout Format of a Dissertation
Although dissertation format will vary according to the different academic institutes, some formatting requirements remain similar. These include the title page, acknowledgement, abstract, table of contents, introduction, methodology, literature review, results and discussions as well as references, appendix and bibliography. Each section of the dissertation does an important task and any dissertation paper is incomplete without it. If required, students can go through some dissertation methodology examples and literature review examples to obtain an idea as to how to write each of these sections.

Citation Format of a Dissertation
Citation format of the dissertation depends on what type of dissertation is being written. For example if you are writing a psychology dissertation the citation format you will use is the APA while management schools use Harvard style. Science and engineering faculties also prefer APA format while law schools make use of Blue Book system. Aesthetics department may choose Chicago system. Making sure to be familiar with the recommended format system will help students adhere to it from draft writing stage which reduce the work load at the end stage. Each system has different way of stating the in text citations as well as reference list entries.

Page Format
How the paper is presented is another important section of the format of a dissertation. A dissertation should be written using legible font such as Times Roman and should be between sizes 10 and 12. The left margin should be at 1.5” and the rest should be set at 1”. The dissertation should be word processed and printed on quality white paper. A dissertation worthy of a degree should be free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. There are various requirements in numbering of pages and headings. These vary as per format system.

Before writing the dissertation it is recommended that students keep a copy of the dissertation format requirements and refer to it whenever they are unsure of how to proceed. Keep in mind that the manner your dissertation is presented makes a big difference.

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