Preparation is the Key Element to a Good Dissertation Defence

Students Must Anticipate Possible Dissertation Defence Questions and be prepared

Students who are hoping to obtain their doctoral, graduate or undergraduate degrees will have to conduct a dissertation investigation and submit the findings to a dissertation committee. Writing of such a dissertation paper is very extensive, time consuming and combines a number of skills including researching, design, analysis, synthesis etc. All the literature review essays, analysis essays, synthesis essays and other forms of essay writing done during high school and college studies need to be applied in to this project. Students cannot simply begin to write the dissertation and submit it and expect to pass the degree. It should be successfully defended. In this article we will educate ourselves on how to be prepared for a good deference in front of even the most stringent of a committee. Get the excellent psychology coursework from our writing company!

Why Defend the Dissertation?
Students who are new to dissertation writing find this term puzzling. What is a defence and why should you defend a dissertation? As stated above it is a procedure. A dissertation will not pass without students presenting their findings to the dissertation committee and being able to defend the entire work in a final viva presentation. This is done once the final draft has been reviewed by the supervisor and approved for submission to the committee. Students will have to defend their research methodologies, assumptions, choice of research questions and topics as well as the final findings of the study. For example, the Committee will question the students on why certain dissertation research methods were used and why some were not. The student should be fully prepared to defend his choice is a very convincing and confident manner. Get history coursework from our writing company well before the deadline

How to Defend the Dissertation
The dissertation defence requires extensive preparation. Students should anticipate any dissertation questions which the Committee will ask and provide adequate and thorough answers which will demonstrate the in-depth knowledge with which the task was undertaken by the student. Below are a few methods on how to face the defence effectively.

• Be thorough with your entire work. Read and re-read it many times, often taking down key notes. Know your entire dissertation paper from beginning to end.

• Be confident throughout the questioning process. Answer all questions clearly and be prepared for all types of questions regarding the dissertation.

• Pay attention and listen to the entire question. Do not assume when you hear the beginning of the question that you know what to say.

• Make an impressive power point presentation to go with the defence and have professionally done up handouts for the committee members to refer to. This will make the explanations easier for you.

• Have faith in your work and believe in the validity of your work. Don’t be vague in your defence. Be empathetic.

• Finally do not panic.

Importance of a Good Defence
Your dissertation is an important part of your degree. Your dissertation proposal was important in the beginning of your dissertation writing and your defence will be important in the last stages of your writing. Without the final approval of the Dissertation Committee which follows a successful dissertation defence, your hard work will amount to nothing.

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