Choosing the Right Dissertation Topic

Success of a Dissertation Depends Largely on the Choice of Dissertation Topic.

Most universities ask their students to write a dissertation in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree program. Unless you submit a quality dissertation paper, you will not be conferred a degree. A dissertation is one of the more complex and lengthy of the different forms of essays and you need to understand the requirements and standards applicable which will be provided in your guideline handbook usually provided by the university. This post addresses the area of choosing the correct dissertation topic.

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 A Subject Of Interest
The basic rule to writing a good essay applies in this case as well. The first rule is that you must choose a subject that interests you. If you merely choose a subject without much consideration, your lack of passion and interest in the subject will reflect in your writing. If you are genuinely interested in what you write about, it shows in your work. Make sure you choose a topic that you can research deeply. Ask yourself if you will be able to find material to support your research not only from the internet but from a wide variety of reputed and well respected sources.

 Scope of the Topic
Choose a broad topic area and narrow it down once you have completed your research. Make sure you are not vague with your information. Choosing a too narrow topic for research will leave you with insufficient information. Therefore, choose wisely. The decisions regarding the scope of topic will also depend up on your degree course. If you are reading for a Bachelors degree, the topic can be wider but depth of study much lesser than what is expected of a Masters or PhD dissertation. The later requires more focused topics with in-depth analysis.

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 Topic Options
Make sure you choose a unique topic, and refrain from repeating someone else’s discoveries. Pick a topic that will be beneficial to you in your career path. Your study should be able to contribute some new knowledge to the existing body of knowledge on the subject and not be a repetition of some other scholar’s work. Weigh the pros and cons of choosing a controversial topic if you plan to do so. Some academics involved in reviewing your work may have their own personal “hang ups” of certain subject matters and if so you are better advices to steer clear of such topics. It is recommended that you speak to your advisors on how they feel about the topic you have chosen. They will advise you on whether you have chosen a good topic and might modify it accordingly. Sometimes, they will be able to provide you with material related to your subject. Also consider whether writing a controversial topic will restrict the leverage your dissertation essay can have in your employment opportunities.

 Research the Topic Options
When it comes to choosing a topic area, you may want to carry out a pilot research on a number of shortlisted options. This will ascertain what topic has the most reliable and valid information and also whether other scholars have done similar work in which case you will be doing a duplication.

 Enlist Professional Help
If you fail your dissertation, all your hard work spent on coursework, exams and projects will become a waste as you will not be able to attain the degree. Therefore, think twice before submitting mediocre work which you are not satisfied with. Seek professional help from writing assistance companies such as that can guide you in the selection of your dissertation topic and even assist you in the writing process. After all, it’s your whole academic career that rides on your dissertation, so do not take chances!

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