Writing a Comprehensive Academic Literature Review for Dissertation

Academic Literature Review for Dissertation is a Cumbersome and Challenging Section in the Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is no easy task. Compared to the essay writing which was done in high school and college, the task of writing a dissertation is more complex. There are many sections in a dissertation and these sections will take an extensive amount of time to complete. Many students are not familiar with how and why they should be writing these sections of the dissertation. To make it easier for you, this article will discuss the important elements of an academic literature review for dissertation.

What is a Literature Review?
As mentioned above the dissertation literature review writing is one of the core components of a good dissertation. It places the entire study within a proper theoretical framework and assesses the existing knowledge on the subject area to date. Considering this, the literature review writing is one of the most challenging tasks of dissertation writing. It involves in-depth review of literature published by other scholars on the particular study area. This published information must be a mix of the classic theories as well as the new studies and findings. The student must review these sources in relation to the study objectives and hypothesis of the dissertation.

Purpose of Writing the Literature Review
Many students will find that writing the academic literature review for dissertation provides them with an overview of the topic. They will find that this section of the dissertation helps them to stay up to date and current with relevant information and a robust and comprehensive literature review add credibility to the dissertations. If your dissertation is backed by reputed sources that have carried out research in the same field, it will be beneficial to you during the dissertation defense.

Writing the Literature Review
A proper literature review should have these elements. These are the research objective and the problem or the issue. These two elements should be present in the literature review. When writing the literature review students should ensure to adhere with following:

• The literature review should be organized and main study variables should be discussed.

• It should relate directly to the dissertation questions and hypothesis.

• Proper formatting and structure should be adhered. All the sources being directly quoted must be placed in inverted commas. Long quotes must be separately placed in paragraphs.

• Identify the gaps in existing knowledge and how future research can fulfill these.

When writing the literature review, students will be greatly benefited if they select a dissertation topic which is easy to research upon. There are many sources of information published on many subjects. By selecting an appropriate topic on which many current scholarly researches is easily available the process will be a little less difficult.

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