A General Overview of a MBA Dissertation

Validity and Reliability are Key issues for a MBA Dissertation

When a student is following a Masters Level degree program in business management, it is usually referred to as a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. MBA dissertation or a research study is one of the most important parts of this degree which the students will need to submit in partial fulfillment of the requirements if they are to be conferred the degree. It is also no doubt a challenging task, to write a proper dissertation at this academic level. Following is a brief overview of what a dissertation for a MBA program will entail. Study online sociology coursework examples examples to know what is expected from your paper.

Validity and Reliability
At Masters study level, your dissertation should exhibit a high level of validity and reliability. These depend on the methodology applied in to the investigation. It is the understanding of the scholars that there is no validity in a test unless its reliability is consistent. In quantitative research, the validity is concerned with the instrument being used for the data collection. Therefore the term “validity” usually refers to the suitability of the tool for measuring the purpose of the study. Reliability is defined as the extent to which results are consistent over time and an accurate representation of the total population under study. Reliability of a study is as important as the validity of a study and concerns the consistency and dependability of the application of the testing. Taking
these factors in to consideration are imperative in designing the dissertation methodology for the MBA dissertation.

Dissertation Topic
When writing a dissertation for an MBA, you have a wide variety of subject areas from which to choose from. You may decide to write on finance, HRM, Organizational Behavior, Production, International Business, Strategic Management etc. Within these subject areas there will also be a wide variety of dissertation topic options. Few examples are as below:

1. Influence of National Culture on Human Resource Development
2. Impact of Balance Score Card systems on production performance
3. Link between employee motivation and learning curve
4. Cultural implications on developing Reward systems
5. Managerial Styles and Work place moral

6. Link between Organizational Commitment and national culture

General Points to Note
Similar to other dissertations such as Law dissertations or a sociology dissertation, the dissertation written for MBA study will need to comply strictly with formatting and structuring requirements. Dissertation format usually follow the standard and contains a cover page, table of contents, acknowledgement, dissertation abstract, the body and conclusion. The appendices and reference list is included at the end. The body section contains an introduction chapter, the literature review, methodology of study and then the findings and discussion chapter. The last chapter is the conclusion which also carries recommendations and directions for future research. The referencing will usually be done as per Harvard system. Also to note is the importance of selecting an effective dissertation title.

Having Reviewed some of the key points applicable for a MBA Dissertation, you may find yourself still experiencing a bad case of a writer’s block. If this is the case, get in touch with a professional writing assistance service and seek help with your dissertation. After all, you have spent your valuable time, effort and money in reaching the stage of submitting a dissertation which is usually after two years of studies and nearing the end of your MBA degree program. A dissertation is probably the only thing that is between you and the graduation which every student dream of in their academic life. General writing tips can be of help when creating the ICT coursework.