Who Lists Coursework and Why?

Colleges, Schools and Exam Bodies List Coursework. Students must Refer to Them

As coursework is done for a selected field of study, it is natural for all students who have already decided on future direction of studies to take up coursework related to these fields. However examinations boards such as Edexel, Cambridge or any other will have certain subjects having coursework requirements while others merely dependent upon examinations for their grade. The details of these subjects and the related coursework requirements are listed and can be found easily online in websites operated by the examination bodies. There are many reasons why exam bodies list coursework. Referring to this list will enable to students to know which subjects have compulsory coursework.

• Coursework Lists for Examinations
Coursework lists for GCSE, AS and A Levels are listed by the exam bodies and this will enable the students to have an understanding of what is required of them if they were to select that particular subject for their studies. Similarly, these lists will also specify what the compulsory subjects are and which the electives are. For instance, if you are doing GCSE exams, it is important to know that subjects such as English, math and science are compulsory while French, commerce, chemistry etc. are electives. Therefore, be ready for compulsory coursework such as GCSE English coursework whether or not you refer to these coursework lists.

• Lists for Advance Placement Coursework
There is another reason for which you should refer to coursework lists when you are to decide upon what subjects you intend to select. If a student wishes to do higher studies in science he will have to select science stream subjects. This means you should refer to the coursework lists for science, chemistry, physics etc. For high school students who will be applying to colleges, it will be beneficial if they find out the requirements each college has before applying for advance coursework of any kind. Different universities and colleges will gives different preferences in terms of coursework subjects they would want their applicants to have completed. They may have list of essential coursework they use as selection criteria. Selecting your Advance Placement (AP) coursework as per these lists will therefore optimize the benefits of your hard work put in to completing such AP coursework.

• Coursework Offered
Finally there is also another scenario in which students must refer to coursework list. This is simply referring to your coursework list for the semester or for course module. Some schools will list out all the coursework due from students in each study program and provide hard copies or send off posts to online message boards in operation to inform students of various course developments. This just alerts the student from day one of the course module’s commencement of the coursework commitments and requirements the student have to complete.

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