When to do Approved Coursework?

Examination Bodies Stipulate Approved Coursework Tasks as a Part of their Curriculum

Most of the time, students are assigned coursework by their tutors. These coursework usually counts towards the class course module marks. However, for various examinations such as GSCE, AS or A Level, City & Guilde etc. students must undertake only the approved coursework stipulated by the exam body. The examination bodies that conduct these examinations will prescribe coursework requirements for each subject module as a part of each year’s examination certificate requirements. The details and coursework guides are then made available to students via internet as well as through schools and study centers.

Common Exam Bodies for UK Exams include AQA, City & Guild, EDEXEL, LCCI, OCR, UCLES. Most of the subjects offered for above certificate studies involve a certain component of the grading being allocated to approved coursework stipulated by the exam bodies.

Understanding Coursework
Handling exam related coursework is a daunting task. The first time a student log on to the online resource website of the exam body and read through the coursework requirements, often they feel confused and apprehensive by the many pages of instructions contained for just one single coursework. However, note that this information is provided to make things easy for you and have minimum confusions of the task. As the coursework is set by the exam bodies, your tutors are not involved in setting the coursework or marking it. They will only play a limited role by assisting you and guiding you on the matter. This is why you are to use the instructions sheet as your main guide in completing coursework of this nature.

Steps in Handling coursework
Here are few essential steps which you can incorporate in to your coursework handling process. Following them can minimize errors and mistakes you may make in the process of writing your coursework.

1. Read the coursework guide carefully and attentively. Mark all the key components of the task. Read the marking scheme and check the marks allocation.

2. Plan the coursework by drawing up a coursework plan. The essay or coursework paper outline is a part of this. The key sections of the outline should match the key components of the marking scheme.

3. A rule of thumb guide for allocating word count is to take the total word limit and allocate to each key section based on the total marking allocation. For example, if the “recommendations” section accounts for 20 marks out of 50 and the total word count is 5000, then you must allocate approximately 2000 words for the recommendation. It does not serve the purpose to allocate 1500 words for the introduction of the situation when marks allocated is only 5 out of 50.

4. Complete your coursework by following all the guidelines. Allocate time for the field work, planning, experiments and practical, writing and finally the editing.

5. Coursework Submissions must be on time. It is essential and imperative unless you want to get a disqualification or a fail grade.

By following above guidelines, you may do very well in your approved coursework tasks and gain high grades that pays off for your commitment and efforts. If you find yourself in difficulty of completing your coursework, then get in touch with coursework-writing co.uk. which is the best source of coursework assistance. You will be surprised at how easily you can get your coursework completed and get educated on how to handle them properly for future purposes.