What to do when you have Incomplete Coursework

Valid Reasons Should Be Given For Incomplete Coursework

When doing coursework of any kind there are certain rules which apply. One of these rules is to hand in your coursework at a time which is set by your tutor. It is imperative that you submit your assignments on the said date. If you do not comply with the coursework submission requirements, it may result in low grade or a failure. Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances students are unable to complete their assignments and will have incomplete coursework in hand when the deadline date arrives. Let us discuss what cause of action can be taken in such situation.

This could be due to an illness which makes you unable to complete the last stages of your assignment. When this happens the student will inform the tutor and request for an extension to submit the work. Once on his return he will have to complete the remaining class coursework and he will be graded accordingly. However, the reason behind his leave from school should be valid and true. Certain academic organizations have set rules as to when a student can receive extensions for incomplete coursework. Only on these conditions can a student get the grade. They may require you to submit a medical certificate as well.

Conditions for granting extensions for incomplete work

1. The reason which you are leaving on should be in a valid document. For example, if you are leaving due to medical reasons, a letter from a medical officer stating the reason will be sufficient.
2. A certain percentage of your coursework should be completed and the minimum number of days for the course module should have been attended.
3. You should be having sufficient grades to pass your course. If by any chance you are failing your coursework subjects you will not be given an incomplete on your assignment.
4. The incomplete assignments should be completed within a certain time frame. Usually this within 1-2 months. If the student fails to do this, his grade will revert to a F.

It is up to you to make sure that you complete your coursework at the correct time. Your grade will remain an ā€œIā€ till you do. If you fail to submit your incomplete work yet again the final grade for your coursework will reflect it. Therefore, it is important that you take coursework very seriously.

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