Usefulness of Coursework Description

Read Your Coursework Description Carefully for Coursework Requirements

Coursework Description is a useful source to gain a brief but clear understanding of what your coursework will entail. It is a summary of what the coursework is about and will consist of some key information. Such description is made available to students when they are to sign up for course modules as well as when they have the choice to select coursework they wish to take up for advance coursework such as AQA or Advance Placement coursework programs. Following are some of the key information which a student can gather from perusing such descriptions.

1. Course module name and reference number
I.e.: Coursework for International Marketing Studies –IMKT-9008

2. Overall Course Program
I.e.: Masters of Business Administration – (2008-2010)

3. Coursework Submission Date

4. Course Coordinator

5. Coursework Task Information – I.e. A product launch plan for an international market

Such a description of coursework may be handed over to the student in hard copy form or made available in the school or university web sites for easy reference. The main purpose of such a description is to provide the students a snap shot of the coursework they need to undertake when they are enrolling for a particular subject. This allows the student to know the amount of work as well as the complexity of the work involved when they are considering different elective course modules.

Such a description should not be mistaken for a coursework guide which in contrast will state in more detail the requirements of the assignment including an assignment or essay rubric. A guide or an instruction sheet will specify more details such as the word limit, the reference system, and the formatting requirements. A guide will even provide the students with a marking guide to highlight where the marks are distributed across the assignment.

It is quite clear that a coursework description is a useful source of brief but informative details on required coursework for various subjects. Students should therefore consult them prior to signing up for various course modules. This can help them avoid unpleasant surprises of getting a coursework which they are unable to complete for various reasons such as inaccessibility, lack of skills or lack of time and resources. However, if you are already facing such a difficult situation and unable to compete your coursework; seek help from coursework-writing