Understanding Academic Coursework

Knowing the Key Objectives of Academic Coursework can Make You Attend to them More Enthusiastically

Academic Coursework is an essential and unavoidable part of today’s curriculum. The popularity of this mode of student assessment has gained momentum over the past decade and up to 60% of the course module marks are being accounted for by a combination of coursework assignments which are required to be submitted by the student. The nature of these assignments differ as per subject area as well as the academic level at which they are being undertaken. A good knowledge of what is the purpose of such coursework can help students perform better in their coursework requirements.

Purpose of Academic Coursework

Coursework are given to students with a number of objectives. Some of these includes:

1. To assess the degree which the student has absorbed the class room teachings of the particular topic area. If a small number of students have performed below the average expectations of the tutor, in the given class coursework then it can be that these students have failed to assimilate what was taught. However if over 70% of the class has performed below the expected average level, then the tutor will realize that the teaching of the particular topic has not been successful and hence warrants a revision session or some modified teaching methods.

2. The coursework also aims to expand the student’s knowledge on the subject area further than the class room teaching. This is why all your coursework assignments, be it history coursework, marketing coursework or ITC coursework requires you to read additional material. Most coursework info sheets specify a certain number of minimum references in an assignment and also prescribes a reading list at times.

3. Another key objective of coursework is to prompt the students to work independently on extended and lengthy writing projects. Most coursework involve combination of researching, analysis, field work and writing reports or papers. This is in fact good grooming for future studies at higher levels of academic studies. In colleges and universities, the students will require engaging in thesis or dissertation writing which are lengthy and demanding tasks. Unless students are used to working independently, allocating time and effort in to these take home assignments which are unsupervised, they will not be able well prepared for future requirements.

4. Academic papers have their own formal writing requirements. They should comply with proper structuring, formatting, reference citations etc. In the class room, students do their work manually. They are not word processed and no referencing or citations are done for such class room work. However in formal academic writing, the references has to be cited properly as per prescribed standard such as APA, MLA. Chicago or Harvard systems. In the modern day world, all important and formal documents are word processed and printed when being submitted. Coursework submissions requires students to learn these aspects of presenting formal work, in reports, working paper or as other types of academic documents. They have to be word processed as per certain specifications, proofread and submitted.

5. Finally, another objective your coursework is to take away the focus placed on examinations as the sole mode of evaluation. Students are highly tensed and excited when facing examinations. Some don’t perform well at all in exam conditions. This does not mean they are not intelligent or that they don’t know the subject. It is merely that they have not mustered the skills of facing examinations successfully. In such situations, by allocating up to 50% of the subject module to a number of coursework assignments, these students stands a chance to pass the subject by doing well in coursework even if they perform poorly in the exam.

Above mentioned are few of the key objectives and purposes of academic coursework. Having read them, you may now understand the importance of completing these assignments well and with enthusiasm. Understanding the important role coursework is meant to play can make you accommodate them in to your student life more readily and more willingly which will make the process of attending to them more enjoyable and less of a task. If you still feel that coursework is cumbersome and time consuming, and that you do not have the required talent to complete them well, get in touch with coursework writing co.uk for advice and assistance. The company is renowned for its coursework writing assistance among the UK students as well as students around the world.