Taking Coursework Submission Seriously

Coursework Submission Should Be Done On Time

One of the most important facts to take notice of when doing coursework is your submission. Once your coursework is complete there are few things to take into consideration with your coursework submission. The most important point to note when doing coursework is to try and hand in your assignment on time. If you fail to do this you will stand the chance of your grade dropping down to a D. Therefore it is important to take in to account what you should do when submitting your coursework.

Online or Faculty Office
Most often when you are given your Coursework assignments you will be told where you should hand over your completed paper. Sometimes you will be given a website address if you are to hand it over via the internet. You must always ensure that you have copies of your coursework before submission.

If you are handing it over to your faculty office you will be required to fill a Coursework Submission Form. These will most probably be available at your school office. Remember that every item you fill out should be written clearly so that there will be no delay with your marking due to unclear writing. Once the faculty office receives the coursework you will be given a receipt. It is necessary for you to keep this carefully as this is your only proof that you have submitted your coursework on time.

If you are handing over your coursework electronically you will have to adhere to the formats specified. Only particular file formats can be uploaded and you must make sure the file size and file format complies with the requirements.

Coursework Extension
If by any chance you are unable to complete your coursework, due to illness or other extenuating circumstance, it is important that you speak to your advisors and ask for an extension of the deadline. If your excuse is valid they might consider giving you an extension of about a week. You will have to fill out a form called Extenuating Circumstances stating the reason for your inability to submit your coursework on time. Once you receive an extended period, you have to ensure that you hand in your work within the time specified as if you do not you will get a zero for your coursework.

When submitting you should make sure that your coursework, be it GCSE Geography Coursework, Business coursework or AS Biology Coursework that you have not exceeded the word limit specified. If you exceed the stated word limit you might stand the chance of losing a certain percentage of your marks.

If you have any queries with your coursework there are many sites online which have Coursework Guides to help you with what you should look into when doing your assignments.

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