Taking Coursework Notes is Important

Taking Coursework Notes Enables You to Write a Better Coursework Paper

For some students, there is nothing more boring than listening to a tutor and taking down notes. At some point in your academic career you will ask yourself why I am taking coursework notes. The answer is simple, any student doing a coursework assignment will know that taking notes on your coursework is important. It is much more than following the practice of the rest of the class and your tutor’s expectations. Below is a list of why you should take down notes on your coursework.

The importance of taking down notes
1. Taking notes down will help you to identify the main ideas of the work being done. This helps you pinpoint the content with the course curriculum.
2. Taking down lecture notes can be customized to suit each student’s style. Some prefer short, insightful and interesting sentences while others take down word to word notes. It does not matter which way you choose as long as you find the notes useful and readable when you revise your coursework notes.
3. You need to concentrate and listen well to do so; this in effect improves your listening skills.
4. When you have exams to study for, if you have written notes, it will make studying easier.
5. Most tutors base some examination questions on what is discussed in class. Therefore, writing notes on what is being discussed will enable you to prepare yourself for the questions which are not in the text books.
6. It will enhance the learning process. When you take down notes you become an active participant in the lecture. You will be analyzing information and if you have any doubts about the information you become an active participant by asking questions on it.
7. The most important aspect of taking down your class coursework notes is that it will help you to understand the topic and provide you with the critical information about the subject in summary form.

How to take coursework notes
Most often, students do not like taking notes. They prefer to listen to the lectures and remember what was said. However, this might prove to be a challenging task as some students will not be able to remember all that was discussed during the class hours. Below are a few steps on how you can concentrate and listen to what was said as well as jot down notes.

1. Write down only the most important aspects of the discussion.
2. Use “jot-notes”.
3. Use abbreviations, short forms of words etc to make it easier to write down.
4. Go through your notes as soon as possible once you get the time, as what was said in class will be fresh in your mind.
5. File them in proper order and mark them with some colourful markers to take away the monotony of written notes.

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