Selecting Subjects that Has “Coursework Only” Option

Some Subjects are assessed on Coursework Only and Not on Examinations

There are different tools used in student assessment and most subjects use a mix of them. This is why the final grade is arrived through a contribution from the coursework completed, project work done, presentations made and the examination marks. Some subjects also assign up to 10% of the marks for class attendance. While it is both exciting and challenging to face such different types of assessment modes, some students may wish to choose subjects that base their assessment 100% on coursework only. In such circumstances, students should be very adept at coursework writing as their entire marks are dependent upon these assignments. Let us explore what circumstances which may prompt a student to make such a choice.

Why Choose Coursework Only?

• Some students have excellent ideas, high caliber and high level of intelligence. But they are very poor at performing within exam conditions. This is mainly due to their inability manage the exam stress. For such students, choosing to do only coursework is much more beneficial and allows them to gain a better grade.

• There are students who are very capable of producing outstanding coursework by researching, analysis and writing. They can also engage in practical work such as experiments, simulations and development as called for in ICT coursework, science coursework or astronomy coursework. They can therefore gain better grades and enhance their academic record by such a choice.

• Some students’ memory skills are low and remembering is an important skill if they are to make presentations or do well in exams. Therefore, choosing subjects that avoids these assessment modes can benefit such students

Coursework submission is usually given ample time. Unless students wait till last moment to start on the work, students can plan their work and work at a leisurely space to complete the assignments. This is effective for doing an in-depth job and to do it with involvement and with much deliberation so that the student’s rate of absorption of knowledge is higher.

• Coursework is usually take-home assignments. This allows students to refer to books, resources, sample work, and enlist coursework help if needed. Such options are not applicable to other modes of assessment as exams and quizzes.

It is now clear why some students opt to enroll in subjects which have coursework only as the assessment tool. Having selected this option, students must make sure that they do their assignments to high standard and complete work in order to score better than if they were to select an option which has exams and other assessment modes.
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