Writing Accurate Resistance of a Wire Coursework

Resistance of a Wire Coursework is a Part of Physics Curriculum

Resistance of a Wire Coursework While in school and college, students need to attend to various types of coursework. Depending on the subjects and course modules, students will write different coursework. For example, those who follow bio and botany subjects will have complete coursework writing such as Bio Diversity while those who follow literature subject will have coursework such as Jack the Ripper or Hamlet. Similarly, students enrolled in physics classes will need to attend to assignments such as resistance of a wire coursework.

An Overview of the Topic

Students often worry when they are assigned with this type of assignments. They will wonder as to how this assignment must be tackled. However, the name of the coursework itself tells what the task is set upon. This is in fact a fairly straightforward assignment in which you will have to investigate the factors which affect the resistance of a wire in the form of an experiment and then provide information about your findings in written form. Such a coursework paper needs to address aspects such as a) what resistance, b) how is it measured? and c) Ohm’s law applicable to the measuring. To make it easier, we will provide you with a summary of this information.

What is Resistance?

Electricity is conducted through a wire by electrons. The more electrons the better the conductor is. This means it has less resistance. Electricity is conducted by electrons which move over the wire freely. Resistance is the result of energy lost as heat. The free electrons will collide with the fixed particles in the wire, in this case the metal and other impurities converting energy into heat.

How is Resistance Measured?

The measurement of electrical resistance is measured and arrived at by dividing voltage (V) by the current flow through an object. The factor of resistance is measured in amperes.

What is Ohm’s Law?

George Ohm was a German physicist, who began his research by conducting his own creation through electrochemical cell invented by Alessandro Volta. George Ohm’s discovery of mathematical law of electric current was known as Ohm’s law. He stated that the current through a wire at a constant temperature is proportional to the voltage.

Information to be Included in the Coursework

The resistance of a wire coursework should include the following information.
• What was the prediction? In this section you will inform the reader on what is going to happen in the experiment.
• What is the methodology used? This will educate the reader on the methods you utilized to arrive at the prediction.
• What is the result? This will be written in the most informative manner on what you gained through the final results of the predication.
• What is your input on the results obtained and the experiments conducted? This will allow you to provide your opinion on the experiment and its results.

Writing this type of coursework is very different from that of English coursework or history coursework. It requires students to conduct a good experiment and obtain accurate information.

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