Persuasive Essay Writing

An effective Persuasive essay depends upon Evidence to Back the Main Point

The first and the foremost purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to convince the opposite party to match with our perception and values. The end result is to finally gain the agreement with the writer’s point of view on the subject matter. To be more specific the message what the writer is conveying through an essay ought to exert an influence on the readers mind. Your point of view in the essay must be implicit and easy to comprehend so that ultimately the reader can learn the arguments contained in the message body and come to a conclusion that the arguments are factual. As a result the reader can accept what you are proposing with conviction and without a doubt.

Basics of Writing

As per the essay writing norm student should decisively consider about the presentation, style, and the content of an essay. To achieve this, writer should start with a concise title, get the main facts, prioritize and examine the content and then have to commence writing. A persuasive essay should be fully backed by evidence that supports the argument. Diligent research is required to convince the reader of the points that they do not believe on as they commence reading your essay. You should make sure that such evidence comes from a wide variety of sources and that are reliable and well respected. Scholarly articles, peer reviewed journals and government statistical data bases are just to name a few.

Structuring the Essay

Organizing the persuasive essay properly is critical. Your essay should present the main argument and then the reasons and points which supports it in a logical and conclusive manner. The introduction should boldly state the position of the writer so that the reader’s attention is acquired. The introductory paragraph should end, highlighting the main suggestion which you aim to persuade to the reader. The essay body should be presented with the key points supporting the main idea and providing verifications and examples to reiterate the view. Clear evidence should also be presented to oppose the counter views. When it comes to the conclusion, students cannot write a few hasty sentences at the end to wrap up the essay. The conclusion should be comprehensively written as this is your last chance to persuade the reader and convince them of your view point.

Persuasive Essay Topics

Not all essay ideas are suitable for any type of essay writing. When it comes to persuasive essays, following type of essay topics can make for effective essay writing.

  • Always choose recyclable bags. Mother Nature can do without polythene.
  • Children needs play time. Say no to child labour.
  • Automobile emissions are damaging to the lungs of our kids. Choose a hybrid or electric powered vehicle.
  • Open book exams are effective.
  • School uniforms are a better choice up to high school years.

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