Overview of Development Coursework

Development Coursework Calls For Investigations in to Development Phenomena in Various Categories

Development is a construct which pertains to all aspects of human life as we evolve over the years. It is an essential aspect which we aim to manage for betterment of what future holds. When it comes to studying development, there are various fields open for students. These include child development, teacher development, personal development, human development, social development, rural development etc. Students must get a good understanding of what development coursework consists of in order to handle coursework writing for the subject successfully. Child development coursework is a challenging assignment for any student psychologist.

What Development Studies Entail
In academic studies the focus of development studies would be to identify present status of the area of development under review and the progression of development of the subject over a period of time. The students will need to be educated on standard and established rates of developments, the benchmark milestones and how to analyse development trends through extrapolation of present development information. Your coursework will also call for deeper level understanding of developmental phenomena which is not explainable by the standard established norms. This includes deviations, abnormalities and causes of such outcomes. The means of handling such deviations is also a part of developmental studies as there will always be a minority percentage of subjects which deviates from the establish standard.

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Different Types of Coursework
There can be different types of coursework pertaining to development depending upon the subject. The complexity of the tasks will differ by the study level. If this is an advanced degree such as a Masters or PhD study, then the coursework may include full scale dissertation writing projects as well. Following are few examples of development assignments that you may be called on to complete:

1. Child Development – Observe the physical skills development of children from different localities to identify influence of economic conditions on physical development. Use appropriate research techniques and justify your choice and suitability of the research methodology. Present the findings in the form of a dissertation report.

2. Personal Development – Take a personal skills audit on communication skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills and identifying personal strengths and weaknesses. Draw up a personal development plan to be executed over 3 month period. Maintain a log record of the plan implementation activities. Write a report on the achievements against set targets and milestones in the form of a reflective essay.

3. Adolescent Development – Write an analysis essay on the influence of peer pressure on teenage adolescents in shaping their developmental habits pertaining to areas such as independence, rebelliousness, group behavior etc.

4. Adult development – Conduct a field study of whether achievement of personal development goals is influenced by age categories and gender of adults. The investigations must be conducted through a quantitative study and data gathered should be analysed statistically. Make a presentation of the findings in the Adult Development Seminar scheduled in Spring 2009. This is a group assignment for 3 member units.

By reviewing some of the example assignments which you may face in development coursework, it is rather evident that this is a challenging but exciting field of study. Therefore, with full involvement and with hard work you are bound to be able to produce some outstanding coursework for submission. However, if you find yourself unable to handle your coursework for some valid reason, seek assignment help urgently. Companies such as coursework-writing co.uk. are excellent at providing outstanding coursework support.

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