Overview of Coursework Review

Coursework Review Systems Should be Effective, Fair and Transparent

Coursework is a widely used medium of student assessment and the process involved should be effective, fair and transparent. A review system lacking in any one of these elements will not serve the purpose it is intended to fulfill which is to enlarge student’s knowledge while appraising their academic performance on a given subject area. For these reasons, education bodies such Qualifications and curriculum Authority (QCA) carry out coursework review action periodically. This is applicable to both class coursework as well as examination level coursework such as GCSE, AS and A Level coursework. In addition to this, there is also another reason for reviewing coursework. This is done when students wish to transfer coursework and the new educational institute wishes to review the coursework done. Following is an overview of the main objectives of such a review.

Objectives of a Coursework Review

1. To assess the credibility of a particular qualification or a study program. This is especially applicable for foreign students who may apply for waivers and transfer credits for work already completed.
2. To assess consistency of approach to designing coursework for similar subjects across the national educational system.
3. To establish fairness of the coursework as an assessment tool. This means that the coursework difficulty must be set at a fair level that suits the average student’s capacity in the particular age group and it should assess only areas that have been taught within the curriculum.
4. The Contribution to Overall Burden – When students are being given coursework, the amount of hours expected to be put in, the number of reference sources expected, the reading list prescribed, the word count and the coursework submission date will all influence the overall coursework burden on the student. A review will take in to account whether or not this burden is too much for the student.
5. To assess effectiveness in assessing – When coursework is being set, it should be clear on what it is trying to assess and then it should lead to same marking being allocated for similar performances. This contributes to the effectiveness and fairness of the coursework. This is why most coursework comes with a marking scheme so that students know exactly what components of the work are being marked and what essential skills as review, analysis and recommendations are being checked. This also brings in transparency in to the coursework assessment process where every one is clear on how the marks are allocated.

Coursework review is an essential process within the educational system in order to maintain the effectiveness and usefulness of this assessment tool within academic curriculum. With such reviews taking in to account the changing nature of student life as well as the study and work environment, soon the face of coursework as we know today can change dramatically to suit the new conditions. Till that happens, students may find that the coursework burden is far too much to handle within the limited time they have in hand. In such situations, you can seek help from coursework-writing co.uk for various writing assistance such as essay writing, coursework handling, proofreading or dissertation guidance.