Excelling At Math GCSE Coursework Involves Proper Preparation

How to Excel at Maths GCSE Coursework

Math GCSE Coursework The GCSE is an examination which almost all students in England, Wales and Ireland will sit for. The GCSE is done by students aged 14 – 16 and as English, mathematics and science is compulsory, there is no escaping from maths GCSE coursework. Apart from these subjects, the students have the advantage of selecting any other subjects which they wish to do. However, coursework in maths GCSE is something which HAS to be done if you wish to receive a good grade which will reflect on your university entrance. Therefore, it is a must that all students know how to do their GCSE maths coursework to high standard.

Understanding GCSE Maths Coursework

GCSE maths consists of two tasks. The first one is the Algebraic investigations and the second is statistics and data handling investigation. This type of coursework allows the students the freedom of discussing their ideas with their fellow students as the coursework is not done under examination conditions. However, GCSE maths coursework is worth 20% of the final mark. Doing this coursework, is not the same as English coursework or any other type of coursework. Math coursework is not like science where you will have experiments to carry out or like geography coursework where you will go on field trips. Maths coursework for GCSE is done indoors and all your coursework will be in the form of questions and answers and there will be a math essay to write as well.

Help in Maths Coursework

When you do maths GCSE coursework, you are dependent only on yourself. Your teacher will be there only to give you clarifications of the questions. No assistance is given by teachers except to help you stay on track. If the teacher has to tell you what to do, you will not get the passing grade. Therefore, all the answers to your questions will have to be thought out independently by you. This prompts many students to buy coursework in math to be used as model answers so that they have a good prior explanation of how to handle the question.

Excelling at Math Coursework GCSE

• Understand the requirements set forth in your assignment. It is always better to spend time trying to decipher your assignment than waste many weeks rewriting it.
• Always refer to the notes written in class. The notes will be very helpful when writing your maths coursework.
• Go through as many examples of maths coursework as possible. Good examples are an excellent method to ensure that what you did not understand previously is understood by you now.
• GCSE maths coursework requires illustrations. Use graphs, charts, diagrams etc when illustrating your coursework.

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