Marketing Assignments Need Sound Analysis

Marketing Assignments include Combining of Theory With Real Life Situations

Marketing courseworkMarketing Assignments are mainly in the form of marketing essays, case study evaluations or to be written in the report form. To write an effective paper in marketing you must be able to combine your knowledge of marketing theories with the real world marketing knowledge. While a marketing essay may allow you to focus on a single marketing concept as the essay topic, case study based assignments requires you to identify a problem within a given marketing scenario and expect you to analyze the issue and provide your recommendations to resolve it. You may also be requested to produce a marketing plan, a product launch plan or a marketing communication plan.

Topic Area
Marketing assignments tend to be complex and confusing, just as in real life. What appears to be the problem may actually be a symptom of the real root cause of the problem. Therefore, careful analysis of the situation and the facts and figures is a must for making sure that you are basing your whole assignment on the correct issues. Therefore, in handling this sort of coursework requires determining what area of marketing is being addressed by the assignment and what are the likely expectations of the tutor in terms of theories to be applied. For example, if the assignment topic was on new product launch and promotional planning, then theories such as product life cycle theory have to be applied. In addition to this, mind maps, positioning strategies, and integrated marketing communication mix that needs to be applied should be within your assignment.

Handling Incomplete Information
The essay or report you write should be justified and backed by evidence. If there are incomplete information on the background, the situation, competitors and market conditions, the writer must acknowledge this situation which is also common in real life marketing challenges and then make intelligent assumptions. What ever assumptions you make, you should justify them and explain why you made such assumptions.

Analysis is the Key
The success of your marketing papers will depend upon the amount of sound analysis you impart to the assignment. This is why analysis essays are the most suited form for writing marketing essays. Even in marketing reports, you will need to apply analysis skills in to certain parts of the report, especially the situational analysis or problem analysis and the recommendations sections.

Research is a Must
Add value to your marketing assignment with comprehensive and valid research. Your research should uncover examples, facts and figures, information and trends which can be used to justify assumptions, forecasts and extrapolations you will make in your marketing planning.

Presentation is Crucial
Presentation is of key priority in marketing assignments. Proper essay formats and report formats should be applied in to all forms of marketing papers. Inclusion of tables, graphs, diagrams and other presentation tools within the writing enhance the presentation appeal of your marketing essay.

While the title, introduction and body are all important, giving a sound essay conclusion to your paper by outlining the issue which was analyzed and the alternative solutions which were identified is very necessary. Finally restate the recommended solution which you proposed backed by sound justifications. Even if the assignment is not a case study or an analysis paper but an essay, here too the writing can take the form of argumentative or analytical essays.

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