Making Use of Coursework Tools

There are Many Different Coursework Tools to Facilitate Coursework Completion

When students handle coursework, there are various coursework tools that can be used in the completion process. Some are meant to facilitate the student in the assignments while others are directly related to doing coursework. Let us discuss some of the common coursework tools which students can make use of.

These tools can fall in to web based category or otherwise. With ITC playing a key role in today’s educational system, most universities now use web based tools that helps the students to progress with their work. Students are given login access to their coursework areas and all coursework is congregated in to a coursework portal. Here, different course module instructors will operate separate areas for different course modules. Some of the tools within this web based coursework environment will include the following.

1. Coursework announcements tool – This allows all the students enrolled with a course module to receive web based emails and announcements of new coursework. Detailed coursework guides with marking schemes, rubrics etc will be included so that students get a very clear idea of the coursework expectations.
2. Interaction and collaboration tool – This is instant messaging tool where the students in the class can interact on the coursework subject, brainstorm and communicate. This network is usually an intra net allowing for project groups to work together on class coursework in an online basis. The tutor has the facility to review these communication sessions to identify how students engage in collaboration and discussion sessions.
3. Message Board tool – This is a feature which allows students to post comments on a particular coursework topic and allows for brainstorming, discussions etc. to take form within a public forum.
4. Reading Material Resource Tool – This tool can have essential reading material, power point presentations and links to articles etc to be made available for each coursework so that student can refer to them in the process of completing coursework.

In addition to above web based tools, there can also be some tools which aim to assist students to complete their work successfully. These may include essay and assignment rubrics, calculation and conversion charts, audio instruction tapes etc. The usefulness and applicability of these tools depends upon the type of coursework in consideration. Students must make use of these tools to enhance their coursework experience and produce quality work that will attain a good grade.

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