Producing Classic Literature Coursework

Thorough Understanding of the Material is Essential for Literature Coursework

If you are a student who likes to read, literature coursework is some thing you will enjoy writing. Students doing this coursework know that almost 30% of the final grade will be given for it. Therefore, they need to ensure that the essay writing done for literature is 100% accurate and written in an impressive manner. However, before we go any further, let us find out what it is all about.

What is Literature Coursework?
Students doing this type of coursework will have an extensive amount of reading and comprehension. This coursework requires students to learn about various authors from different times and study their work. The students will be asked to write essays on various persons, style and themes of various novels. These novels will range from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

Types of Literature
This type of coursework will be divided into three categories.
• Classic Literature – These are works dating to the early 1900s. These will include novels which are written by Shakespeare, Mark Twain etc.
• Contemporary Literature – Will discuss issues which have social and cultural concepts portrayed in their writing.
• Genre Literature – These will discuss the different techniques used to portray different themes in the novels.

Qualities Required to do a Good Coursework on Literature
This type of coursework is not easy for many students. Not only do they need to be conversant with the novel by reading it thoroughly once or twice, but doing literature coursework also requires students to think creatively, critically, research the problem accurately and write creatively as well.

How to do Coursework on Literature Effectively
The requirements for coursework in literature will vary according to each academic institution. Students will be asked to analyze the novel, evaluate and analyze the author, or they may be asked to analyze and write an essay on a specific character, theme or genre of the novel. Below are a few tips on how to write an effective coursework on literature.

• Selection of topics should be done carefully. Ensure that it is interesting and research material is easily available.

• Consult your advisor on any information required. He or she will be the best source of information for your topics.

• Avoid last minute writing. This is a grave mistake which will have serious repercussions.

• Read the material you wish to discuss several times in order to be familiar with it.

• Take down notes of all passages which you think are important.

• Sources used to support arguments should come from literary experts.

• Use proper citation methods. The most common methods are APA and MLA. Find out which citation style is required before writing the coursework.

Writing english literature coursework not easy regardless of whether you like to read. It is not only about the reading. There are many aspects to consider. However, with proper understanding and time management students will be able to write effective coursework which will get them the final mark.

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