Know what to Expect in your High School Coursework

Gear up for Coping with Different Types of High School Coursework

High school coursework is considered the least difficult of coursework faced by a student during an academic career. But for students who are actually in high school this may not seem so. This point in a student’s life will be a time when he or she will be wondering which colleges to apply for. But before all that they have to get through various high school examinations. High School Coursework is a part of high school life. These will include the normal class coursework as well as examination coursework such as GCSE, AS and A Level coursework. Coursework aims to expand student’s knowledge of subjects; develop habits of reading and carrying out independent researching, writing skills etc, while grooming them to perform well once they move on to college level studies.

Tutors will most often mix the coursework assignments which a student has to complete. In order to be thorough with your coursework it is essential for you to have an understanding of what types of assignments they will consist of. Following are the main types of coursework which you can expect to face during your high school years.

  • Forms of High School Coursework

• Question and Answer form- The most common form of coursework at this stage is question and answer assignments. These will require the students to study certain material and then answer the questions provided as clearly as possible. The key objective is to evaluate your comprehension skills and to see whether you have grasped the basic knowledge pertaining to the topic. These will be written as short essays with a word count of 300- 500. This type of assignments are common for math, statistics, physics or chemistry coursework.

• Research Papers – This will be one of the complex and challenging types of assignments. The idea here will be for the student to familiarize himself on researching and investigations and how a research studies are to be carried out. These are small scale versions of the fully fledged dissertation studies you will need to undertake at university level. Such assignments are encountered as coursework for marketing, social studies, history etc modules.

• Experiments – These are an essential part of some course modules. Students will be required to experiment and write reports on the observations and results. The main aim is to assess how students are able to apply theoretical scientific knowledge in to practice. Assignments as chemistry, biology or food technology coursework, all involve practical experiment components. Although enjoyable, it will be a challenging task if notes are not taken down which will make writing the report a difficult task. Allocating a substantial number of hours to take part in practical sessions is a must.

• Essay Writing – This is the most common form of assignments for coursework during high school. Students following Literature, English, Law, Marketing, or Business Studies coursework will be familiar with the concept of writing essays. This, however, does not apply only to these  subjects. All forms of coursework require essays. Essay writing evaluates a host of skills as researching, writing, synthesis, analysis, conceptualization etc. It is therefore, very important that students in high school be thorough with essay writing.

By having a good understanding of the different types of assignments that comes for your coursework, you can be better prepared at handling the requirements of each of these assignments. You should identify the key objectives of different types of assignments and target your work to meet these key objectives.

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