Jaws Coursework Can Be a Thrilling Experience

Writing Jaws Coursework for Media Assignments can be Interesting

Jaws, an American thriller film, directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975 was based on Peter Benchley’s novel which had the same name. Though the best selling novel has not been given much literary importance the production is acknowledged as a seminal watershed film in motion picture history signaling the birth of summer blockbuster movies. It earned its place in cinematic history when it broke box office records in the summer of 1975 and became the top-grossing movie of all time. Its importance in cinematic history has given it a significant place in media courses. Jaws coursework and essay writing on this topic is something media students will most likely have to deal with at some point in their media studies.

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The Movie
The plot revolves around a series of shark attacks which take place on the 4th of July weekend in the waters around the fictional New England island of Amity. It is rich and structured film, which skillfully triggers the viewer’s imagination and awakens a primal fear of the unseen and unknown – a device which continues in contemporary cinema to attract audiences. This may be the most obvious appeal of the film but the popularity of the film can be attributed to a variety of factors including symbolism, an original marketing campaign and release pattern. In addition, the plot as well as the content and style which successfully manipulates the audience in a manner reminiscent of Hitchcock’s films are also crucial elements of the success.

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Media Coursework – What Is Expected
Media coursework is comparatively interesting and students deal with a number of things that they are familiar with. Issues dealt with include things that are part of the social world including family, media, and relationship. The chief motive of any given media coursework, is to involve the student in the world of communicative technologies enabling them to stand outside this world and examine it from an exterior point of view with fresh eyes. Issues dealt with in your jaws coursework may require you to question your assumptions regarding the movie and determine whether there is evidence to support your viewpoints. This evidence may take the form of theory, empirical studies, concrete examples, or simply using these factors to structure a logical argument. Many students are undoubtedly able to have an argument when dealing with complicated topics that are faced in coursework, but many are unable to make the argument stand out clearly and thus lose valuable marks that contribute to the accumulative grade.

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