Is Coursework Experience Valuable?

A Student’s Coursework Experience Counts in their Job Search

Students are required to complete a significant number of coursework writing assignments during their study years in school and then in college. The objective of these assignments is two-pronged where it helps to expand the student’s knowledge in one side. It also helps the tutor to assess how much the student has assimilated from the class room teaching of the subject matter. But many students tend to wonder whether the coursework experience they gain is worth the effort they put in to it, other than the contribution it makes towards a better grade. Following is a brief analysis of how valuable is the coursework handling experience to a student.

Experience Gained
When students are assigned coursework, it is generally individual assignments but in some cases it is as a group assignment. Which ever is the case, completing these assignments will allow the student to gain valuable experience. Such experiences sharpen many skills and competencies of the student. Some of the important skills developed through coursework completion include the following:

1. Promotes independent exploration of academic knowledge with minimum or no supervision from tutors.
2. Develops rudimentary level researching skills which are critical for students to perform dissertation writing tasks in college years.
3. Prompts students to plan their work and manage time by requiring adherence with submission deadlines.
4. Expand knowledge of the particular subject topic which can be for any subject such as ITC coursework, psychology coursework, chemistry or biology or a language coursework like Spanish.
5. Develop project management skills when coursework calls for project completion.
6. Help students sharpen their presentation skills and communication skills in situations where the coursework requires oral presentations.
7. Develop student’s writing skills since coursework calls for high caliber writing skills and adherence to structure, format and error free submissions in terms of spelling and grammar.
8. Facilitate team, performance skills which are important when group assignments are being handled. In today’s work context this is an essential skill since most organisational structures operate on team cluster configurations.
9. Gives opportunity for student to demonstrate a wide variety of subject specific skills. For example, when handling different types of coursework such as drama coursework students need to showcase their creativity and production skills.
10. Advance coursework such as field projects or task projects involving development of new products, systems or designing of concepts and objects can allow the student to gain invaluable experience. Such experience will be rated high even in recruitment selection decisions at the time student will seek employment.

As apparent from the lengthy list, it is obvious that experience gained from concluding coursework requirements does not amount to nothing. Such coursework experience can strengthen a student’s character and develop personal skills as well as academic competencies.

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