Infuse Honesty and Sincerity into Your Common Application Essay

Common Application Essays Allows Students to Save Time in Spent in the Application Process

The common application essay is a part of the common application pack which is used when students are applying to colleges that are members of Common Application which is a non-profit organization. They make the college application process much simpler by allowing applying online or downloading and printing a common application pack via their website. With this mode of application, less time and money is spent applying for admission which gives the student more time for concentrating on the last part of their high school studies.

• Purpose of an Application Essay
Member universities of the Common Application body are those that use a holistic approach to student selection and include both subjective and objective assessments. Therefore, these admissions board wants to know about your personality, disposition and values etc Your SAT scores and high school transcripts are not sufficient in describing you as an individual. These can not be gauged through your coursework grades either and that is why you have to express your thoughts, ideas, qualities and aspirations in an admission essay. Your may also discuss some of the milestones in your life that has changed your outlook of life and your personality for the better. You may also share some of your views on the educational system and the approach you take towards certain academic problems.

• Essential Tips to Note
When writing about you, be honest. Don’t write what you think they want you to write, but what you already are and what you plan to do with your life. Make it interesting and as simple as possible. Keep in mind that the board has already gone through many application essays; therefore, your application has to make them sit up and take notice.

• What to Write?
While some colleges give you a free hand in choosing an application essay topic, in most cases you will need to choose from few options provided to you. If you are asked to write about a person or an event that made a great impact on your life, describe the person, and his values and outlook of life. Mainly write the influence this person had on your life. If it is an event, using lots of action words will make your story come alive. Here again, mention the impact this event had on your life and how it contributed to personality development of the person who you are today.

• Self-appraise your Work
When completed, read it through and decide if you have written an interesting and special essay. Were you honest? Did you make yourself clear and show who you are? Did you arrive at a logical conclusion and was your presentation neat? Did you adhere to a proper essay format? Finally, will someone who read it feel that you would be a valuable addition to their student body? If you have answered these entire questions positively, then you have written a proper application essay. And such a common application essay is bound to bring success in terms of college acceptance.

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