Imagine and Elaborate On Your Descriptive Essay

Use of Sensory Words will Make Your Essay More Vivid to the Reader

A descriptive essay is written to explain something to the reader in vivid detail. The writer will achieve this by giving the reader a mental picture of what he will describe. In order to do this he will have to give a detailed account of the subject matter.

 Objective Or Subjective?
Your essay can be objective or subjective. An objective description offers the facts, while a subjective description will offer the facts and the feelings. It is always better to write subjectively since it will reach out and touch the reader’s mind and soul.

 The Topic?
You may choose any topic that allows you to provide a vivid and descriptive detail. It can be about a place, a person or even a special moment or day. Whatever you write on ensure that you not only tell about it but also paint a picture of it in the minds of your reader.

 Using Sensory Descriptions
Use your five senses, which are sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. When describing a particular item try and use all five. When these senses are used to describe, your account will not be merely words written in a paper but a full sensory experience. Your reader may close his eyes and be able to inhale the smell of the jasmines you described in your essay. Such writing will undoubtedly get high grades for the coursework you are submitting this essay for.

 A brief Example
An example of descriptive writing: “As I sat on the roller coaster, I felt scared but excited. The fear that I would somehow fall off my precarious perch would not leave me, until we were on our way. The rush of air on my face as we plummeted down will stay in my mind forever. But I was not the only one. The screams of all other riders rippled through the air. The roller coaster did a loop and it was quite exhilarating to see the world all “topsy-turvy” and upside down. One moment my feet were pointing at the blue sky and the next second they were once again towards the green grass. Then before we could catch our breath we were upright and heading down hill again….”

 Essay Tips
Before you begin the writing process, ask yourself why you want to write about the specific item. Understand why you are writing your essay. Once you know the reason for your essay, your thoughts will automatically begin to flow and you will be able to come up with interesting ideas. Make sure you arrange them in an essay outline prior to actual writing. This is essential for a long essay but will even benefit a short essay.

 Essay Structure
Giving a catchy essay title will benefit this essay as it can catch the attention of the reader from the very outset. Give a good essay introduction and elaborate in the body of the essay and finally conclude with a lasting impression of the subject described.

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