How to Write a Food Technology Coursework

Cooking Up Ideas For Your Food Technology Coursework

Coursework is a part of the latter years of high school and most of college life. When a student is assigned coursework subjects it is natural to worry on how best to write a coursework. What you have to keep in mind is that coursework is a way for the tutor to evaluate you on how far you have studied the subject, and how you have understood it. There are many types of coursework, such as English coursework, Literature coursework, Chemistry coursework etc, and your coursework needs to be written as per the instructions you receive. Students who are following food technology subject will need to complete Food technology coursework which some will find extremely interesting while other may difficult. Here is a brief overview of what entails this type of coursework.

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Types of Coursework

This type of coursework introduces the student to subject matters such as meal planning, preparation, cooking techniques etc. It also combines knowledge of nutrition and calorie contents of meal ingredients. This will not be a difficult subject for the student as cooking is a very common part of everyday life. However, students will have to take examinations on this subject and write essays as a part of their assignments. In the coursework you will have a section where you will be required to write an essay on your subject and another on practical. Once you have chosen a topic for your coursework you will have to present a theory based on it. In the practical part of your coursework you will be required to do an experiment on the process of food technology. The practical tests also need follow up reports which will be written in process analysis essay form, outlining step by step explanations of how to prepare a meal or how to preserve perishable ingredients.

What is Expected

You need to be clear on what is expected from you to complete your coursework. Read the coursework info carefully to get all the instructions. If not very clear, consult your tutor. Refer to all the class notes you took down in order to familiarize yourself with the subject and revise on the theories and instructions related to different aspects of the subject.

Topic Areas

The topic of your coursework will be important. Therefore, it is important that as with any essay topic your food technology essay topic is interesting. Most students find it a difficult task to do this. An example of a topic of interest is the “safety of food”. You can write about pesticides contaminate food we eat and what health hazards it contains. You can also write about the need for handling meats and shell fish in preparation stage with care given the bacterial cross contaminations that it can cause, especially through the use of same utensils such as chopping boards and knives. Another topic to consider will be “nutritional diet of young children”. You may also consider writing on various preservation methods and use of preservatives carefully for ensuring quality of preserved foods. On another note, the issue of children’s eating habits and how eating wrong foods can affect their health can be written in a discussion essay or an informative essay.
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Whichever topic you select the coursework will be judged by how you present it as well. Therefore, do not forget to check your coursework paper for errors. Enlist some help from an outsider to proofread your work. You can enlist professional coursework help as well from companies such as Coursework-writing to get your Food Technology coursework done to a very high standard.

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