How to Write a Convincing Argument Essay?

Argument Essays Are Meant To Do Something Which We Do Often In Our Daily Lives

Students are required to rationalize their view points and present their ideas with justifications at all levels of study be it high school or in masters level. This is where the skills of writing an argument essay are called in to play. This essay requires a talent which we often use in our day to day life. That is to get our point of view across to others and make them agree with it or to change their minds. The art of being successful in persuading others will largely depend on how you present you’re argument in a logical and convincing manner. Therefore the skills you sharpen by writing this type of essays comes in handy for not only your academic studies but for your personal life as well.

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As in writing any other type of essay, this essay also needs to follow a methodical procedure to arrive at a good essay. this can be achieved by dividing your effort in to few key phases. These include the pre writing phase, the writing phase and post writing phase.

• Understand your essay topic
The first step in successful essay is to get a very clear idea of the topic and what the assignment is all about. Read the question and identify the key terms. You must identify synonyms for these key terms which will allow you to avoid repetition. Choose an aptly phrased essay title which will reflect the content of the essay. It is also important that you decide your own position in the argument. However you need to provide arguments and evidence for both sides of the issue before you start defending and establishing your own point of view.

• Researching for material
All essays require good research, but some need more research than others. This is an essay which will need ample evidence in the form of facts, figures, testimonies, case evidence etc. to prove your argument. Writing this essay is like trying to win a court case. You need to present valid and sound evidence to back your argument. Your reader will be the jury or the judge, and the verdict will come in the form of the grade you receive for the coursework. So, make sure you invest your time in to the research phase.

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• Planning your essay
A good essay plan will help you streamline your thoughts and argument. The logical flow will come from organizing your ideas in to a cohesive framework through an essay outline. By following this essential phase of methodical writing a suitable structure will emerge from the pre planning process. This makes your actual writing process so much easier and effective than writing ad-hoc with your thoughts all over the place.

• Actual writing
Ne t in line is the actual writing of the essay. this is to be done as per proper essay format and the general structure of an introduction, body and conclusion can be used. The essay introduction can be a situational or opinion opening depending on your topic. The body should be dedicated to outline the evidence for both sides and then establishing your own chosen stand in the argument. Evidence can also be used to prove the other side of the argument to be void.

• Post writing
Once you write your argumentative essay, the job does not end there. You need to edit it and proof read it to make it a professional work of writing. If you are not good with catching your own mistakes, enlist some proofreading help from coursework-writing in addition to the essay and dissertation writing services, they provide students with excellent proofreading and editing services as well.

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