How to Submit A+ Math GCSE Coursework

Pay Attention to Instructions in the Math GCSE Coursework Guide

Mathematics is a compulsory subject in the GCSE curriculum and hence all students will need to sit for the examination as well as submit coursework. Math GCSE Coursework is usually to be submitted in two units on two separate subjects such as data handling and Algebra. Having a good knowledge of math coursework is the foundation for successful completion of the assignments. Even if you are not a pro in math let us find out few basics that can be applied in to your math coursework to make it effective.

Math in Modular Form
Math subject at GCSE level is taught in modular fashion. The syllabus includes 1) Number module, 2) Data Handling module 3) Algebra and 4) Shape and Spaces. Having a good awareness of the math syllabus and then on which module the coursework will focus on will help you to revise on the particular topics of the relevant module. For instance if your coursework info indicate that the first unit of coursework will be on data handling, then a careful review of the syllabus will review the topic areas falling under the data handling module. You may have the option to choose your own topic area or the coursework may specify the task and the topic area. You should review all the class notes, class exercises and text book explanations on the topic area prior to attempting the assignments.

 Features of Math Coursework
Math coursework differ from other types of coursework such as English coursework, history coursework or law coursework. There are no field trip reports or lab test reports to be submitted. Usually it will be in the form of question and answer format. It may be a single question which needs a lengthy and comprehensive answer that has to be calculated and justified and explained. Thorough knowledge of applying mathematical calculations and equations is essential for you to complete your math coursework accurately. Make sure that you place accuracy as a priority in this coursework where you have only right and wrong answers since the nature of the subject is very objective and specific.

 Basic Rules
There are few basic rules which you must bear in mind when you receive your Math coursework for GCSE requirements.

1. Remember that GCSE coursework are marked more stringently than your general class room coursework. Your work will probably be marked by the AQA so, ensure compliance to all the basic requirements outlined to you in the coursework guideline.

2. The deadlines for submission of GCSE coursework are NOT flexible. Don’t make the mistake of putting it off till last week. The work needs a good deal of effort from the student and unavoidable circumstances can happen at last moment. Start working on the coursework as soon as you receive the assignment instructions.

3. These are formal submissions and hence you should strictly abide by the formatting and presentation requirements. Those that does not stand the chance of being disqualified even if the answer within your submission is correct.

4. Lastly, students should make sure that you have done exactly what the coursework has requested you to do. Many a times students make the mistake of misinterpreting the instructions or making wrong assumptions. This is a point which needs to be cleared at the very outset.

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