How to Do Well In Open Coursework

Open Coursework Allows You to Refer to your Books While completing Coursework

When you are required to do open coursework, some of you may wonder what this means. It simply means you are allowed to take your reference books in to the class room or test center and complete your coursework while referring to these material. The idea here is to test your analytical skills, conceptualization and ability to provide recommendations etc. instead of checking for your memory power which is best left for examinations. When completing examination coursework such as GCSE coursework or A level coursework, students are required to complete them under a tutor’s supervision within a class room environment. This ensures the student’s involvement in the coursework. But the students are allowed to refer to their books and other reference material in completing coursework of this nature.

How to handle Open Coursework Well
To optimize the advantage you receive in coursework of this nature, you should be well prepared with various notes and references that you can use for the coursework. Here is some guidance on being well prepared.

1. Read the coursework task ahead of time. Identify the topic areas and revise the chapters in the study text thoroughly that is relevant to the assignment.
2. Make short notes in a note book that can be easily referred to.
3. If calculations are involved in the coursework such as statistic coursework, have the formulas and equations in flash cards that you can refer to promptly. Beneath the formula or equations, have a sample sum done for reference so that you are reminded of the calculation process.
4. Find out important evidence as examples, quotes, data etc that you can cite in your paper and then along side this information have the reference source. Your coursework will gain more marks if properly referenced.
5. Consider an appropriate coursework structure and an outline for the work before hand so that when you start to write your coursework in class, you can move on to the task promptly.

Having considered some effective points which can aid you in preparing well for your examination coursework to high standards, it is still possible to get some assistance to improve your answer. You can enlist coursework help from coursework-writing by providing with them the coursework questions and requesting them to plan the outline, the research material and to write a model answer which you can use as reference and guidance. In this way, you can be prepared fully to do your open coursework to a high standard.