How Best to Write a Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive Essay Writing can be Useful for Many Areas of Studies

Knowing how to write descriptive essay is useful for anyone as it can be used to write essays and coursework for many subjects. This style of essay writing is used when the writer needs to explain something to the reader in detail and create a metal picture of the object or subject through the writing. The writing therefore has to use many adjectives and use sensory verbs to achieve this task.

Writing Vividly

Your essay needs to be written in vivid language. It needs to describe not only the appearance or the overall matter but other sensory aspects related to the subject such as smell, texture, taste, feel, sound, mental experience of it etc. This will allow the reader to picture what you are describing merely by closing his eyes and digesting your words.

Subject and Essay Topic?

Descriptive essays are suitable when you are writing many types of coursework. This may include writing on Geography, Literature or a Design essay. Even subjects such as history and science can make use of descriptive form of essay writing. When you consider how best to write your essay, you need to consider the topic as well. You may choose any topic that allows you to provide a vivid and descriptive detail. It can be about a place, a person or even a special moment or day. Otherwise it can be of a historical artifact or an archeological site. Whatever you write on ensure that you not only tell about it but also paint a picture of it in the minds of your reader.

How to Enhance your Essay

The most common essay tip to note in descriptive essay writing is to infuse many sensory terms in to your writing. Make use of terms such as “smell”, “taste”, “sight”, “sound” and “touch” in your descriptions. You might not be able to apply all these to some of the objects or subjects you are describing. But it is most likely that at least some of them will be applicable. You can also enhance your essay by providing unusual descriptions and by comparing your own descriptions with some other similar objects. For example, you can say that the painting you are describing has strong evoking effect on the mind of the audience. That it’s depictions were similar to the Spanish Civil War painting “the 3rd of May” by painter, Francisco De Goya. Such references can facilitate your reader to imagine what you are describing much more easily.

Essay Structure & format

Essay format is important as well as its structure. The work should have a proper introduction, a body and an essay conclusion. Giving a catchy essay title will benefit this essay as it can catch the attention of the reader from the very outset. The title should be followed by the introduction which starts with a double space. Each paragraph should also be double spaced. The writing is usually in points 12 Times new roman font and the page margins are 1” all around. The in-text citations should be as per the specified referencing style. This can be APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago or any other house style of the college or university. Adherence to all these minor points can contribute to a well presented essay.

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