Handling Related Coursework

Plan Ahead when you are given related Coursework

When designing coursework, some tutors will design related coursework for a given course module. This means that two or three coursework are interrelated and needs to be handled sequentially and while keeping all the assignments within one particular context.

Example of Related Coursework
Linked coursework comes for various subjects. For example, you may have 3 assignments for a Business studies coursework which needs to be done in succession on the same topic areas. Most of the time these coursework have one part which address the theory and a second assignment which requires the student to apply the theory in to a practical business situation. Third part calls for evaluation and feedback. Following is an example of how your coursework which is related may appear in the coursework requirement sheet.

Assignment 1 – Do a Literature Review of Brand Equity and the Steps in involved in Brand Building and

Assignment 2 – Using the theoretical knowledge gained from assignment 1, select a company and a brand and propose a brand revamp strategy.

Tips on Handling Linked Coursework
When you have coursework of this nature, there are few essential tips you must follow in order to make sure you do a successful job with both assignments.

• Read the requirements of both coursework as you will usually be given the two tasks together although the coursework submission dates will be different. This is important as you may be called on to select something in the 1st assignment that affects the 2nd and you must make sure what you select for the 1st assignment allows you to handle the other assignment conveniently. For example if you are to select a company and appraise its market conditions in the 1st assignment and then conduct a market research for a product in the same company for the 2nd assignment, you must have enough information and access for both assignments when you decide on the company.

• Keeping the material you use for the first assignment is a must. The references from old coursework can be used in your second assignment when they are interlinked. The theory or data in the first assignment will also be important to be cited in the subsequent assignments.

• Plan your time properly. Sometimes, students tend to take the submission dates lightly. The amount of time these linked assignments take tends to be more sometimes than when you are to work on fresh assignments as you are restricted to the same scenario or context and by the content you wrote in the 1st assignment.

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